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October 31, 2011, Macintosh product updates

October 31, 2011, Macintosh product updates

Product updates of Mac hardware and software for October31, 2011  are as follows:

Software update

  • TheMacBundles is a very  popular software developer for Mac operating systems.  Another exclusive offer has been released foe a limited period of time through which the users can obtain Pogoplug Premium Software at the lowest price that can be assigned to any such application. The functioning of the application enables the user to stream up all their photos, pictures, movies and other videos from the cloud application to wherever they are. The software can also stream files from Mac operating units as well as PC’s into their iPods, iPads and iPhones as well as Android devices. This is a special offer which is provided under a lifetime license.


  • The Image Framer application of Apparent Software has released its new frame collection based on the theme of Halloween. There are 35 frames designed and are very good fro framing pictures under the concept. The company has planned to release Thanksgiving and Christmas related frames on their respective occasions as well.


  • The Empoc LLC. Has launched new software under the name of Spy Lock 1.0. This new and innovative Mac app enables  the Mac users  to lock or unlock the system. Making efficient use of the built-in technology of iSight on most Mac systems, Spy Lock informs the administrator as to who tried to get into the system by taking a snapshot or video of the person at that time when a wrong passcode was entered. Every feature that can be expected from a screen locking application is included in this release of the software.


  • Berk Terpstra made the announcement to release Marked  1.3.1 for Mac operating systems which is a very famous viewer of Markdown and MultiMarkdown programs. The application has the ability to convert any text editor into a Markdown editor which allows you to edit whenever you want, with a consistent preview along with options for the output. The software can locate changes within the file and  updates the preview  automatically each time it is saved. It also offers HTML export, saving to PDF, printing, creating statistics of documents, copying of HTML source directly to the clipboard and much more.


  • Under th Lion version, Apple Inc. has released yet another innovative model of Mac OS X. David Pogue has inserted his expertise into the bestselling and #1 MacBook Pro. A complete transformation in the user interface of Mac OS X 10.7 has taken place including multi-touch gestures which is an adaptation from iPads and iPhones along with a 250 brand new features. The version has also a deep indulgence with the iCloud service application and has free syncing services with the iPads, iPhones and PC’s.


  • Jettison 1.1 has been released by St. Clair Software, which is an update of the purpose-built application for Mac operating systems. The applications functions by automatically ejecting external drives before the Mac goes to sleep. Because of this application, the problem of manually ejecting of backup devices, flash drives, Time Machine and network sever volumes  before the system is shut down. This version is built to have a compatibility fix for Lion and also provides an option of operating Jettison without its icon in the menu bar.

Hardware update

  • The up gradation of TILT has been made which is specially designed and manufactured to provide support to the aluminum body made MacBook Pro. If your notebook stand seems boring and outdated to you, this application can give you a revolutionary change as it embraces the concept of Apple – sleek, smart, slim and simple. The TILT  contains desktop stands, tripod stands and lap cooling  pads under the roof of a slim portable device.
  • PowerMax has  released a first design competition in order to find out a visual representation of the company’s mascot known as Max the Sasquatch. This design contest has been opened countrywide for those US residents only who are 18 years or above and has the ability to have a snapshot of the quirky and fun nature of the company via the design of Max. The contest will be taken place till the 16th of December and the winner as well as consolation winners will be announced on the 1st of January, 2012. A 15-inch MacBook Pro, a bose companion 20 Multi Media speaker system, a Wacom Intuos4 Small Pen Tablet along with gift certificates to PowerMax.

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