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October 22nd Event Could See New iPad Mini, Macs and OS X Mavericks

10ober 22nd Event Could See New iPad Mini, Macs and OS X Mavericks

MacReviews learns that Apple are planning an event on October 22nd that could see OS X Mavericks, iPad Mini Retina Display and a range of new Macs.

With the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C only a few weeks behind us, speculation has now turned to what may be coming in a couple of weeks for Apple’s Christmas season and we take a look at what could be coming on October 22nd

iPad Mini

It was roughly this time last year that we were getting ready for Apples iPad Mini event and this year looks to be no different with an iPad Mini Retina display expected on or just after the October 22nd.

Apple have a history of iPad events falling on a late Wednesday in the month, with the last 3 events all falling on the same day and about the same time each month.

The new iPad Mini is expected to have a retina display and could also be the first set of iPads to feature a different set of colours, possibly matching that of the latest iPhone range this month.

There are reports suggesting that a retina display production delay could halt a Christmas sale of the new iPad, and if that is the case it would be wise to assume that first place in the Que will guarantee you a new iPad.

OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks is also set to be released this month and we are expecting the announcement on or just after the 22nd.

Mavericks is expected to run on the new range of Mac’s coming this month and will also be available as an upgrade for existing customers with Apple desktops.

The operating system is expected to feature a similar design to iOS 7 and could run on a new Mac Pro or a range of new desktop devices.

New Mac’s and other products

New macs have long been expected at this coming event however no-one is sure exactly what Apple are going to unveil, nor what the specs could be.

Other products coming on October 22nd could include a new Apple TV, and possibly even a fully redesigned iPad for the Christmas season.

All of this is still speculation until the media passes are handed out, but October 2013 is certainly looking to be one of the best months for Apple fans in years.

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