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Now The Official Google Voice Application will Help you Make Free Calls Using iPhone

Now The Official Google Voice Application will Help you Make Free Calls Using iPhone

Ever used Gmail? If yes, then you know how Google Voice works- it allows users to make phone calls online from your Blackberry and Android, and now from iPhone too. If you do not have a number for Google Voice, then you are certainly missing out on an important tool.

Many people have GV (Google Voice) number as a second number for their family to contact them. These numbers are getting quite famous and you can find them on many forums.

In 2009, we saw a third party GV app for iPhone, but Apple removed it as the official Google app was launched. You can now find the official app for free.


Just make a GV account and you are done. Download the free GV app for iPhone. Now you can use the number of your Google Voice to make phone calls and to receive voicemail. They offer free text messages and calls to Canada and US, and low rate calls for everywhere else.

The interface of this iPhone app is similar to that of its web cousin. As you call from GV, it first calls your designated iPhone number. Then it calls the contact you want to reach. And if someone tries to call you using GV, you get a call on your iPhone number, and then it connects you to the caller.

Since only your GV number is visible to the caller, your regular number stays undisclosed.

Call forwarding

If you don’t want to answer your GV calls right away, then you can have them forwarded to you on email. These emails would have recorded voice, plus the transcript of the message! Yes, the transcripts aren’t exactly accurate, but then, you can get the gist of the conversation.

Then there are other call forwarding features that you use on web platform, but all of them are not available on your iPhone.


Do you want instant notifications of GV voicemail messages, then you can select the desired settings, and you do not have to open the app each time you receive a notification.

And then there are many other features like incoming call filtering, and custom voice answer. You can even set up quick dialing, and read the history of messages and phone calls done by you.

It is a simple and easy app – and it’s free! Use this app and let us know how it worked out for you.

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