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Now Send URLS from iOS Devices to Mac

Now Send URLS from iOS Devices to Mac

There are many times when we view a page on iPad and we wish to open it on the Mac as well, but we are unable to do so. There is no easy or direct way to send links (URLs) from one device to another.

Now there is a simple Safari extension called SendTab, which lets you send a webpage to systems on your network. As it arrives on a system, it is downloaded using the browser in seconds. It does have one downside- you can send links from iOS sets, but you can’t send to them. On Chrome, this extension works in both ways, but you can only send URLs from Firefox to Safari, and not vice versa.

Setting up SendTab

Once you install this extension, you will have to set up a network account. Go to registration page and select a network name and a password. Now log in and link to the network account. You will see your computers listed there (but not the iOS devices).

iOS Bookmarklet

If you want to send your URLs from iPhone or iPad, you would need a Bookmarklet to Safari. Though you will get instructions to do that, but it might get confusing, so here are the simple steps:

  • On the iOS device, go to Safari and link to SendTab page. Now click on SendTab link given on the left.
  • Save SendTab bookmark.
  • Go to Bookmarks page. Now click on Edit button. Now click on SendTab bookmark and edit the URL there.Now paste the SendTab URL in JavaScript code and Bookmarklet code, deleting the present URL. Now click on Done and exit Bookmarks.
  • Now copy JavaScript code
  • Click on Export button and choose ‘Add Bookmark’

Now you will be able to send your URLs from iOS devices to computers on your network. SendTab is a great tool in its niche, though some more features would’ve been great. For example, a Growl notification would’ve been great as URLs were received and sent by SendTab.

Though there are some small issues with SendTab, a tool that should’ve been built right into Safari itself, the overall widget is quite useful.

Do you have other systems on your network and you feel the need of sending URLs from one device to another? How often do you think you’ll need to use this tip? Let us know if you found it useful.

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