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November 17, 2011, Macintosh Product Updates

Mac product updates and announcements for November 27, 2011 are as follows:

Software update for Mac OS X

  • Geist interactive has introduced GoSign 2.0 for FileMaker Go. It is a major update to the extension of the company which has been designed to provide Advanced Signature Capture control which is far surpassing the capabilities that are offered by FileMaker Go. The application of GoSign allows Signature capture around anywhere in the layout of the  display of “Terms and Conditions” on similar screens as the Signature, controlling of the thickness and color of both the pen and the base line, along with scriptable control on to the workflow.
  • PDF2Office Standard v5.2 and PDF2Office SE for iWork v1.1.has been released by Recosoft Corporation, the applications for iwork has been recently upgraded so as to support improved PDF to Office formats conversions, Application Sandboxing- and PDF to iWork formats conversions.
  • Eltima Software has launched Sync Mate 3.5, which is the latest edition of their sync tool for Mac Operating System. The highlighting feature introduced in the latest version is the compatibility with iOS 5 iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch as well as Android 4.x devices. The application of Sync Mate 3.5 will easily sync Address book, iCal, iTunes, folders, iPhoto, bookmarks, notes, and other data between devices of iOS and Mac operating systems. The latest version also allows syncing in contacts calendars, images, music, videos, folders, bookmarks, and other data between Mac OS X and Android 4 devices.
  • It has been announced by Aspyr that Neverwinter Nights 2 is available in the Mac App store. It is the sequel to o BioWare Corp.‘s genre-defining and best-selling role play game set in the popular Dungeons &amp- Dragons Forgotten Realms universe designed by the popular Wizards of the Coast. The game offers endless game plays and also allows the user to select their style of game whether good or evil, lawful or chaotic, with any number of feats, skills and professions available.
  • Perceptive Automation has been announced by Indigo 5, which is an update to the company’s home control server for Mac OS X. The program of Indigo is now made to support a plug-in API which gives 3rd Party developers the ability to add native types of device, trigger events, as well as actions. Moreover, the feature of built-in plug-in is inclusive of access to AV control, weather data, and EasyDAQ relay support.

  • A major update to the most popular watermark software for the Mac, Impression 2.0 has been released by Blue Crowbar software. The application is no longer a simple plug-in for iPhoto and Aperture- it has been evolved in a full featured application of watermark which has lots of new possibilities. The Mac users can now create the watermark text in the application as a whole rather than of having to use any external program, you can also save various watermarks as defaults to easily use them again, export the watermarked images in different formats, custom sizes, and other such forms.
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