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Noteshelf for iPad App Review

Noteshelf for iPad App Review

In this day and age you are very likely to see an iPad used in place of notepads everywhere you go. It makes sense in a way, considering the convenience they provide, as you can organise everything from shopping to a diary in one handy place and the touchscreen is a suitable replacement for a pad to scribble on. With this in mind, Noteshelf is one of the best note-taking apps you can get at the moment and is perfectly suited to the iPad. It is available now from the App Store on sale for the low price of $2.99, so get it now before it goes back up to $5.99.

Noteshelf is as good as they come and when it comes to starting out, you just need to see the screen as a fresh piece of paper and note or sketch down whatever you need or want to do. While fingers work fine as makeshift pens, it is probably better to use a stylus if you can. However you do it, the options are generous, with 17 different inks, 20 note templates, 15 covers and a lot more. If it can go on paper it can go on here. The concept may be a particularly simple one but don’t let that fool you. The range of features on offer is extensive and certainly makes it worth your money.

As well as the choice of colours, you can get more specific with 21 choices of thickness, 8 highlighters with 41 different sizes and complete customisable control over everything. While you can start from a blank slate, you can also import photos or even take a new one and annotate them as you see fit.

While accurate detection is sometimes an issue with handwriting on the iPad, NoteShelf has a great solution to this problem. A zoom feature has been included, which allows you magnify a selected area of the page and write on it in large letters. Zoom back out and it appears much smaller but perfectly clear. Using this you can clearly make some very detailed notes without the screen becoming cluttered or hard to read. It also has an ingenious way of dealing with the problem of making clumsy marks with your wrist as you write. Wrist Protection means you can rest your arm on the screen and it will not be detected as writing. Specify an area of the screen to remain clear and even if you scribble on it, it will stay clear, making it much easier to avoid mistakes.

Once your notes are complete you can export them as images or PDFs for easy sharing via email or social networking, or storage in Dropbox and other similar locations.

If you exhaust the paper types or covers then there is also an in-app store for buying extra options, although if you do this a lot you may be getting less than your money’s worth here.

Overall this is an excellent app for making handwritten notes and since it interprets your writing it actually makes it look neater than it is. If you takes lots of notes or sketch a lot, this is a good way to do it.

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