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Note Taker HD for iPad Review

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On the surface Note Taker HD is a very simple looking app with no flashy buttons or fancy graphics and does not look like it can do much at all. But don’t be fooled by the way it looks because it is in fact a very powerful and professional tool that, as its name suggests, allows you to take notes. Again this does not sound like much but it offers a bit more than just scribbling notes on your iPad screen. There are actually a lot of options at your disposal and you can do a lot with what looks initially like very little.

Fire up Note Taker HD and you will be presented with two areas on your screen. On the left you will see a list of your documents saved onto your device, while on the right is a larger image of the document you have selected. Below the image you will see various tools while a quick double tap of the document itself opens it up for editing.


While keyboards are an option, the iPad is more suited to you writing directly onto the screen, either with your finger or with a stylus for neater, more accurate writing. Writing on a document is made easier for the iPad by allowing you to write at the bottom of the screen while your text appears wherever you designated it to on the document. You can change the colour of your text and a highlighter option proves especially useful.

Writing on an iPad screen can be cumbersome but a choice of ink thicknesses helps you write more clearly and the dialogue box for writing in can be expanded to make things easier. The large writing in this box is then downsized onto the document itself and blends in seamlessly as if you wrote it there.

But you can do more than just scribble over your documents and a handy graphics mode means you can create various charts and graphs, add clip-art and even create musical notes and tablature. Any photos taken with the iPad can be pasted into your notes and you can play around with it beforehand to get it just right, such as cropping it, rotating it and even adding a caption. Other additions include columns, forms and jpegs, while duplicating the document is also possible so you have a clear one to refer to.

A great addition is the compatibility with PDFs as you can open them within Note Taker HD and annotate them any way you wish, which adds another level of convenience to proceedings.

There is an abundance of options which some may feel clutters the screen a bit and collecting them all into various menus would have improved it but this is a minor complaint alleviated slightly by a View button that allows you to look at the annotated document more clearly.

Overall this is a great little app that does a simple activity very well and offers a lot more flexibility with note taking than a simple pad of paper. At $5.00 it is nice and affordable too.

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