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Nokia’s Here Maps for iOS App Review

While Apple has been disappointing customers with its inadequate Maps app and Google has been trying to pick up the pieces, another company has snuck in with its own offering. The App Store now has a new offering from Nokia called Here Maps and you can download it now for free. But as attractive as a free app may be, is it actually any good?

The answer is yes, but not great. In fact it pales in comparison with Google Maps but until the new release comes along, this one might do in the meantime. You will need to sign in before you begin, either with your Facebook account or by opening a Nokia Account, and then you can get started. Once you are in you will see the Here map, which will provide your rough location and a small button in the top-right corner of the screen. A tap of this will take you to the menu where you can opt to search for a new location, plan a route between a number of locations as well as various other options.

Searching for a location is simple enough and it would be hard to get that wrong but when it comes to planning a route, the interface is not as clear as it should be. the steps involved seem a bit muddled and if you are planning to drive somewhere you will have to begin by inputting your departure time, which seems a bit unnecessary and the process is a bit more cumbersome than it needs to be. However the public transit option works better and local services are integrated into it more seamlessly, something Apple Maps completely failed to achieve. Journey planned, you can then choose the voice-guided instructions to get there, which seems to work well enough.

Back to the menu, you can also create map collections, which is a handy way of bookmarking locations for easy access. You can also save a map to view offline, but it only lets you have one at a time so it has very limited use.

You can choose to view maps with a satellite view, live traffic view and a public transport view, all of which do their job well enough. The public transport view is particularly useful as it shows you where all the stops are for different modes of public transport.

There is also a community view, which is made of maps created and updated by other users of the app. At this early stage it does not offer much but this should change over time as more people use it. However there is no way to see things from a street level, whereas Google has Street View and Apple has the occasionally successful flyover feature, but again the community view may change this.

So far Here Maps shows potential and it could easily be a rival for Apple Maps but it is far from perfect and with another Google Maps on the way, it is unlikely to be the best maps app on the market. But since it is free you might as well see what you think.

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