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No Apps Required- Watch Flash Movies on iPad and iPhone

No Apps Required- Watch Flash Movies on iPad and iPhone

Many web videos are optimized so that they can run perfectly on iOS gadgets. But sometimes it is frustrating to find that you wanted to read a blog article, but the author did not use updated embed code of Vimeo that is compatible with your iPad or iPhone. Though Vimeo presents an embed technique that can support iOS devices, it is not automatically turned on. And similar to Vimeo are Megavideo, Dailymotion and Flickr that are struggling to provide video embeds that can play on Apple mobile devices.

The recent app to make news is Skyfire browser. This app can convert any flash movie from a web page to an HTML 5 based movie, so that you can play it on your iPhone. This app is not free, and there are many features that might just be ‘extra’ for you. This is why developers have presented hacks and tweaks in Cydia- to make Flash run on iOS, though it gave very disappointing results. So here is what you can do- either buy Skyfire, or jailbreak your device. If you are looking for an easy way to play the Vimeo embed on your iPhoone, you will be disappointed.

But all that is changing, thanks to the cool bookmarklet, iOSFlashVideo that is found on iSpacia. You can just tap the bookmark bar, and you can immediately watch movies from Vimeo, MegaVideo, Flickr Video and Dailymotion via the regular media player of iOS devices.

Interested? You have to save the webpage as bookmark.

In Safari, press the action button, and click on ‘Add Bookmark.’ Now you have a bookmark. Next step is to click on its icon and click Edit. Select iOSFlashVideo and erase everything before ‘javascript’.

And that’s it! So the next time you come across a video embed on iPad and iPhone, just hit the bookmark. If it is supported by iOSFlashvideo, then you can easily watch it.

Hope this article was helpful to solve your Flash video watching needs. Sometimes we do really need Flash on iPhones and iPads, and this variant seems to be one of the best, though not perfect. So if anyone knows any other way to watch Flash on iOS – Share with us – we would highly appreciate it.

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