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Next Generation Learning : 3 Year old effortlessly uses iPad

Next Generation Learning : 3 Year old effortlessly uses iPad

Focusing on the use of the iPad in education I extremely cautiously put in the hands of a three year old and allowed him to use a colouring in application. The App in question is 123 Color HD.

The application is really simple challenge children to color segments of a drawing. Children find and touch the properly numbered or lettered color on the color pallet.

It is amazing just how quickly he was able to learn and interact with the interface from loading up the application through to interacting with the application to find the drawing he wanted to colour.

As numbers and letters are touched they are spoken in the selected language (of which there are a choice) and fun sound effects are played. When the drawing is complete, children are rewarded with animated musical notes and a musical track of their choice.

123 Color HD perfectly balances entertainment fun with educational value, capturing and holding kids’ attention as they learn. 123 Color HD excites and engages kids, makes learning fun and easy, and enables parents to feel great about the games their children want to play.


123Color HD App.

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