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Next Generation iPhone 5 Rumor Round Up

Next Generation iPhone 5 Rumor Round Up

The next generation iPhone 5. Were do we start.

The rumour mills have been turning hard this year ever since Apple launched the iPhone 4s back in October 2011 , with only a couple of weeks till the rumoured release date we thought we would let you know all the information that we have about the next generation iPhone 5.

Display / Screen

I am sure you agree the iPhone 4s currently looks a little bit dwarfed when placed near some of its android competitors due to the size of the screen. Android competitors have made this move on their devices as demand for bigger screens becoming more and more popular  so you expect nothing less then the next generation iPhone to keep up or pass the latests trends. So in the next generation iPhone 5 you can expect to see a new 4″; display with a resolution of 640 x 1360 which means the screen will only become taller and not wider this will mean you can still reach through out the screen with your thumb and also gives you more real estate allowing an extra row of apps on you home screen.


The look of the previous iPhones have been iconic and have been one of the biggest selling points for the iPhone product line. Last year Apple disappointed a lot of people by releasing the iPhone 4s which looked exactly the same as the previous iPhone 4 , but this year Apple has got back on track and is set to try out a two tone design in both white and black (pictured below). The two tone on the back of the next generation iPhone is made of both aluminium and glass.








Regarding the dimensions of the next generation iPhone we received the diagram below from a case manufacture which is set to show the dimensions of the next generation iPhone 5. The best way to compare how thin the next generation iPhone 5 is is to imagine your iPhone 4 or 4s with out the back plate of glass

iPhone 5 dimensions

 iPhone 5 Dimensions

  • Width : 58.6mm
  • Height : 123.8mm
  • Thickness : 7.9mm

Also to note the headphone jack on the next generation iPhone will be placed on the bottom near the speakers and dock connector like the current generation iPod Touch


Other Updates

With iPhones it seems like we have seen all the possible types of sim cards there is out there but Apple have found a new one. The new type of sim card is called a Nano sim card which is around a third smaller then the sim cards used in the iPhone 4s. Do not worry networks are ready.

The next generation iPhone is also set to have its RAM upgraded from the current 512mb to 1GB this will work along side the current un-upgraded A5X Processor & The long awaited 4G LTE Chipset.

The rear camera is still top of its class but the front facing camera is still stuck at VGA which sucks. Apple is struggling for space in this iPhone so only expect a minor upgrade to the front facing camera.

Dock Connector

I can see this causing a few upsets. Apple are set to say goodbye to the conventional 30 pin dock connector in the iPhone 5 after introducing a new 9 pin dock connector. Do not panic just yet as we have heard that Apple will also be launching an 9 pin to 30 pin adaptor / mini dock to dock connector but we are still unsure on the price. Apple has choose to do this to make more room in the device its self for extras such as the bigger battery and the 4g chip.



We have got word from one of our sources that Apple is set to call the next generation iPhone “The new iPhone” , not the iPhone 5 not the iPhone 4g. This goes with the rumours that Apple wanted to drop the numbers from its products lines like it did back in March with the new iPad.

Release Date

Apple is set to show off the next generation iPhone 5 (“The new iPhone”) at a special keynote on 12th september 2012 , The keynote looks set to be a big one because Apple is also set to show of the iPad mini. According to multiple sources Apple is set to open pre – orders on that day ( September 12th) with the official release / shipping day being only 9 days later , 21st September 2012.

Apple Fan Site will have full coverage of the september 12th keynote and also all of the products released.

If you have any information about the new iPhone or any other Apple products please let us know

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