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Next Generation iPad Set To Debut In April

Next Generation iPad Set To Debut In 04il

Apple Fan Site today learnt from our source that the rumours of Apple releasing the iPad 5 / next generation iPad in April is looking to be true.

Earlier this month we released some pictures of what is said to be a case for the iPad 5 and these showed the next generation iPad to take the majority of design aspects used on the recently released iPad mini.

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen more and more rumours leak from multiple sources which can only suggest one thing and in this case it can only suggest a release coming soon. April does fit in to the usual release cycle for the iPad if you forget about the anomaly being the iPad 4 which was released back in October 2012 just 7 months after they released the iPad 3.

Another source also told Apple Fan Site that the iPad 5 will be around 4mm shorter in height than the iPad 4 and also around 1-2mm thinner which is barley noticeable. The big difference comes in the width where the iPad 5 is set to be around 2cm less than the iPad 4, obviously these design changes will also result in the 5th generation iPad being lighter in weight.

Our source had not heard anything about an iPad Mini 2 coming in April and believes that the iPad mini will stick to a standard refresh every 12 months.

Some earlier rumours had suggested that we would see a release in March but as we are currently a quarter through the month and Apple usually send out the press invitations 7 days before the event it does not leave many dates in March left.

If no iPad Mini 2 then what else will we see showcased at the same event ? If you know get in touch

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