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Newest Walt Disney World iPhone App Released

The release of version 1.4 of the innovative application of Walt Disney World Pro has been announced by TimeStream Software for the iPhones and iPod touch devices.

Having accurate Wait times, Restaurants, park hours, menus, interactive maps, hotel information, attractions as its part Phone numbers, tips and more, in addition to the 500 exclusive as well as high quality pictures, the latest iPhone app of Walt Disney World Pro is considered as one of the most comprehensive planners of mobile vacations along with in-park guides that have been made available for Walt Disney World Resort today. The application tends to cover nearly all the aspects of the entire resort along with all four themed parks which is inclusive of the Magic Kingdom®, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

An expert of the software claimed that the application of Walt Disney World Pro is one of the best as well as the most comprehensive iPhone and other mobile devices application that has been designed for Walt Disney World Resort. As a matter of fact, a local newspaper has termed this app as a well organized, impressive, useful and particularly comprehensive. Moreover, it should also not be considered as a simple trip planning and in park resource but having included in itself over 500 fun photos, it is also considered as a great way to have all the Walt Disney World right there on your hands.

The application has been made available via the iTunes App Store and it constitutes a complete array of valuable resources which includes the following:

  • Exciting and highly detailed interactive maps which appears great on the iPad.
  • Daily park hours.
  • Accurate Wait timings with multiple displays
  • Walt Disney World restaurants along with its menu items.
  • More than 500 high quality photos.
  • Descriptions and photos, parade and event hours.
  • Multiple photos per attraction.
  • On-Ride photos.
  • Walt Disney world tickets.
  • Walt Disney hotels and resorts located worldwide.
  • World attraction of Walt Disney’s ‘strategies and tips’.
  • Tagging of My Favorites on one touch

I addition to all the above mentioned valuable resources, the Walt Disney World Pro is considered as the only Walt Disney world app having:

  • Multiple Photos per WDW Hotel
  • Full attraction description with multiple photos.
  • More than 500 full sized view photos, (no thumbnails).
  • Strategies and tips for every attraction
  • The tabs of Quick Find for dining, hotels and attraction.
  • Parade Descriptions with Multiple Photos
  • Detailed description about Disney&#8217-s FASTPASS.
  • Walt Disney World &#8211- Annual Events
  • Walt Disney World &#8211- What&#8217-s Coming
  • Walt Disney World &#8211- What&#8217-s New
  • Walt Disney World – Tips
  • Walt Disney World &#8211- Hotel Phone Numbers
  • Walt Disney World &#8211- Phone Numbers
  • Walt Disney World – Tours
  • Vacation Planning Tips

The device requirement of the application of Walt Disney World Pro settles to be compatible with iPhones, iPad and iPod touch or a 4.0 version or later of an iOS device. The downloading capacity is of 19.8MB of the device’s storage space. Moreover, the price of the application has been tagged to US$3.99 and has been made exclusively available worldwide via the App Store within the category of travelling.

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