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New ways Mac is making your school life easier

New ways Mac is making your school life easier

Going to college is always a big deal, whether you’re going for the first time or heading back for your final year. In any event, you want to do it right and have all of the best tools at your disposal by which to do it. Mac can’t guarantee that you will eat only healthy foods and that you’ll wash your clothes at least once a week, but it can basically help you to do everything else that you need to do for college. Here are the newest and best ways that Apple is making your school life easier.

The new MacBook Air is lighter and slimmer than its counterparts, but still has a great screen size. This means that you can fit your laptop into your backpack with all of your text books and still be able to run around campus.  The battery life is also something that needs to be seen to be believed, with the 11 inch model giving you five hours of continuous battery and the 13 inch giving you seven hours. More battery power means that you don’t have to be charging your battery in class or looking for a power point in your breaks; you can just relax and enjoy.

Safari also helps you out a lot with a better reading program that cuts out all the rest and allows you to focus solely on the article. You can also add articles to a reading list so you never forget a reference when you’re researching. You can also use the track pad to swipe your way through pages. All of this means that you can spend more time reading and taking notes.

One of the hardest thing new students will find when it comes to college is organising their new life. Apart from classes you may also have part time work as well as social gatherings and activities like sport or newspaper club. Fitting all of these things into one day can be a juggling act in and of itself, but so can trying to remember when all of these are happening. The new MacBook Air has upgraded its iCal calendar program to work harder and smarter for you. You can create a number of different calendars so you can have a separate one for school, another for work, and another for sport. You can view them all together or independently if you like. Because Apple loves to sync everything across all devices you can import an invitation from Mail into your calendar and sync it to the calendar on your iPhone and iPad. When you’re at work and given next week’s schedule you can add it to the calendar on your phone and it will also be on your MacBook calendar.

Keeping in touch with everybody from back home can be hard, even if they are all on FaceBook and Twitter. The address book with the new MacBook allows you to organise people into groups so you can separate the Ben from high school with the Ben from your church group, the Ben in your Calculus class, and the Ben from work. And speaking of back home, FaceTime allows you to be able to contact anyone who has this program on any of their devices. It’s now easier to initiate a call from your little brother from your MacBook to his iPad and you can even call your mother from your MacBook to her iPhone. Leave FaceTime running 24/7 to be reachable even when you’re on the run, or turn it off so you’re not getting distracted in class.

But the most important aspect of the new MacBook Air is time capsule. There is nothing worse than suffering from a computer crash or a virus and losing all of your data, especially if that data is the final draft of a 10-page report due at 8am the next day. Time Capsule is Apple’s way of automatically backing up your complete hard drive so you will never lose another assignment or report again.

The MacBook Air has thought of every way to make college life easier; from being slimmer to fit into your bag to helping you stay in touch with home. They have done their bit, now it’s your turn. Have fun.

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