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New MacBook Lineup Expected to Debut at WWDC 2013

New MacBook Line-up Expected to Debut at WWDC 2013

It’s looking more and more likely that WWDC 2013 will feature a revamp of the new MacBook Pro’s and rumours suggest that the new lines will include the next generation of Intel’s Haswell processors
The processors will replace the ivy-bridge mounts that are installed in the current devices as there is expected to be now major design changes, at least for the WWDC 2013 event.

Among other things expected at the event are many iOS 7 revealings and this is described as one of the hot topics for the event which could also see anything from an iPad Mini retina display to an iPhone 5s but with apple keeping product security tight this year, its almost impossible to predict.

WWDC 2013 is scheduled to run from June 10 through 14 at Moscone West in San Francisco. Tickets to the conference sold out in less than two minutes, breaking the previous record of about two hours.

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