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New MacBook Air Coming Wednesday ?

Is a New MacBook Air Coming this Wednesday ?

Rumor has it that the new range of the MacBook Air’s is ready for release on wednesday New MacBook Air Coming Wednesday ? one of the rumors started after @Chronicwire tweeted “The only thing sources have 100% confirmed  about the new macbook air is the wednesday release. Might have more infomation on it soon , though .” and since that tweet 14 hours ago @Chronicwire ahs tweeted again saying “Apple store displays will be updated Tuesday night for the back to school promo, Starting Wednesday alongside the new MacBook Airs.” I agree with these rumors at this moment in time and i think we could maybe see a price drop to keep the MacBook airs in the market  and another upgrade i think will be the new generation of intel processors which should give the MacBooks Air’s a great boost in performance.

We will keep you updated on this story through our website , Facebook and also our twitter which is @MacReviews.

** @Chronicwire has been known to be reliable in the past

Have any news or information?  Please e-mail Tips@MacReviews or send a PM to @MacReviews on twitter and we will get back to you!

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