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New Griffin Power-Dock Charges 5 Devices at Once @CES 2013

New Griffin PowerDock Charges 5 Devices at Once @CES 2013

The line up of accessories at CES 2013 is really starting to hot up now, and Griffin is no exception with a new line of docking stations being revealed today and one of them has caught our eye.

The PowerDock5, as its being called, can charge up to 5 devices at once, keeping them all neatly in one place, so that your desk dose not become cluttered.  Griffin say the device is the Ultimate space-saving counter-top charging and storage solution and the charging bays can hold anything up to an iPad, even in a bulky case.

To charge your device, simply slot it into one of the bays and plug in the lightning cable while the 5 USB slots on the side can detect the type of device you plug in and begins to charge using only the required power amount necessary.

The PowerDock5 will be available to consumers this spring at a competitive price of $99.99.

For more CES 2013 coverage be sure to check out our CES Hub and if you see anything you want to us to cover please let us know via Twitter @MacReviews

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