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New Flip HD Cameras Announced

New Flip HD Cameras Announced

Cisco have announced its new range of Flip UltraHD™ and Flip MinoHD™ shoot and share camcorders with signature Flip Video simplicity. The new models feature new design, enhanced HD video quality and more ways to share using pre-loaded FlipShare™ software.

Latest features:

The new Flip UltraHD and new Flip MinoHD now come equipped with:

* Image stabilisation
* 720p resolution at 50 frames per second
* New pre-loaded FlipShare software now allows users to share their videos through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and privately through email
* FlipShare software also allows users to create fun compilation movies and take digital still images

Flip MinoHD

* The new Flip MinoHD one hour and two hour camcorders are small, sleek and stylish with more power and enhanced HD video quality

Flip UltraHD

* The new Flip UltraHD now showcases a new slimmer design that fits easily in any pocket or purse
* The camcorder is 25% slimmer and uses standard AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack which comes with the product as standard


* The Flip MinoHD one hour comes in silver and has a MSRP of ?149.99
* The Flip MinoHD two hours comes in black with a MSRP of ?179.99
* The Flip UltraHD two hours also comes in black with a MSRP of ?179.99

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