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New features in OS X Mountain Lion latest developers preview update

One week after Apple has released last developer update of OS X Mountain Lion,a few brand new features,including hints of automatic app downloads have been discovered in the upcoming operating system.There is still more to be found.Two new features were found recently:offline Reading List mode and iOS-like dictation.

Some people compare Offline Reading List to regular Bookmarks.And that make some sense,although,unlike Bookmarks, offline Reading List will also let you know which articles you have read and which ones you haven’t.Another good aspect is that it will give you a text preview of each one of them.And you may also read Reading List items even when you are offline in OS X Mountain Lion.

“When you aren&#8217-t connected to a network and pull up Safari, you get a message that tells you that you aren&#8217-t connected to the Internet, but that your &#8220-Reading List articles are available for viewing while you are offline.”

Pretty useful option when you really need to read some stuff but have no way to get online.

It is not a secret that one of the most obvious technologies Mac could benefit from is dictation.The rumor has it that such capabilities may be built in the next-generation Macs.

“According to a resources file inside of the latest build of Safari in the newest seed of the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion, Dictation might be making its way to Macs next. Since Macs do not sport virtual keyboards or physical keyboards with a microphone-labled key, users (by default) will apparently need to simultaneously click both command keys to start voice input.”

This feature would allow users to speak to their computers,while Dictation would spell out their words on the screen,saving users a huge deal of typing.Users will be able to activate the feature by tapping both command keys on the keyboard.

OS X Mountain Lion
Besides the ability to dictate text,including voice recognition directly into OS X would actually open a way for deeper voice control in the future &#8211- there could be a possibility to use this feature for opening a certain app,finding a specific file,send emails or perform any other tasks.Although,for now all this is nothing more than just a rumor,so,we just have to wait for WWDC 2012 and see what Apple is going to surprise us with this time.

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