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Neu 1.2 for Mac Systems Released

Neu 1.2 for Mac operating systems have been announced by Elegant Chaos which is a major update to their file making utility. This application is quite simple in its functioning and makes it an easy process so as to create up new documents within the Finder without even having the requirement of opening the application first hand. This action is performed with the help of adding in menus as well as global keyboard shortcuts that can be easily triggered from the Finder option or from any other application, which also allows the user to select a template so as to copy. Moreover, these templates can constitute of substitutions that are filled in when the user creates a new document.

Below mentioned are the changes that have been made within the application of Neu 1.2 for Mac operating systems:

  • The support of dragging and dropping for the purpose of template adding as well as document creation.
  • The user interface has been reworked.
  • The preferences are also reorganized.
  • The user guide has been improved a lot.
  • The substitutions of user templates have been increased.

Details of the application of Neu 1.2 file making utility for Mac systems

The application makes the process of making new documents within the Finder feature, without having the user to open up the application first. The process is simple, simply add in ‘Create Document’ as well as ‘Create and Open Document’ options to several of the places which is inclusive of the main menu bar, the Services menu and the Dock that is displayed in the Finder’s option and appears when the user right clicks on something. Moreover, the user can also trigger the program of Neu from any other application by making use of a special key combination.

On the other hand, the program allows the user to select as to what should be made from a list of templates, but, the users choice of templates can also be added in so as to provide the factor of customization of every new document that has been made available and suits the users’ requirements. It is simple- you can even have a single template or hundreds of them.

Moreover, Neu also has an additional feature of text substitution engine, the result of which is that the user can setup a template and tend to fill it in those certain details such as the present date at that time on to which that particular document has been made from it.

The minimum system requirements of the application of Neu 1.2 for Mac OS X are settled to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later versions. Additional requirements are a 64-bit processor along with a downloadable capacity of 5.4 MB of memory space. The price of this application is set to be $9.99 USD or equivalent amount in other currencies and has been made available worldwide and exclusively from the Mac App Store within the categories of Utilities for Mac operating systems.

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