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Navigon offer Postcode Support as in-app Purchase

Navigon offer Postcode Support as in-app Purchase

This week saw an upgrade to my favourite GPS navigation system Navigon Navigator. You may remember I wrote a considerable review when it was first released last June (read it here if you don’t). My only real criticism of the first release of Navigator was the lack of UK postcode support although the system of searching for a city, and then street worked it is certainly slower than simply entering a 7 digit postcode.


The good news is this weeks release now offers postcode support via the much talked about in-app purchase route. Postcode support is just one of Navigon’s new in app purchase options along with Navigon Traffic Live. Having already paid a considerable amount for Navigon Navigator the additional ?1.19 for postcode support is a no brainer.

Why is it a chargeable upgrade ?

Well before you jump to the conclusion it is Navigon making a few extra pounds from locked in customers I would suggest the additional cost is a licensing free as it is my understanding developers have to pay Royal Mail a license to use the to use the UK postcode system in their software.

Getting Going

Activation is simple, load up Navigon and click on the more options button on the bottom right of the screen and then the little shopping trolley.  A list of the available in-app purchases that are available in your area will be displayed and click on the one you wish to purchase. The Navigon Traffic Live doesn’t seem to be available in my area.

Once you have clicked to purchase the postcode add-on you will be asked to enter your iTunes password and once the transaction as been confirmed activation is immediate.


The process is very simple and the addition of UK Postcode support really makes navigation easy. I would be really interested in hearing your opinions on in-app purchases both positive and negative. I personally think this one is very positive though.

More information on Navigon (iTunes Link)

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