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My Mac Monday (MMM6) : Christoph Hammann

My Mac Monday (MMM6) : Christoph Hammann

Hello, my name is Christoph Hammann, I live in Germany. I‘m an ophthalmologist by profession and a photographer by passion. Consequently the main use for my Mac is photography-related.

I‘ve been using a PowerMac G5 for some years but have retired it a few weeks ago.

I bought an iMac with a 27-inch screen and an Intel Core i-5 processor to replace it. Long sessions with the Migration Assistant followed, the program worked methodically, slow and beautifully. Once the new computer was up and running (noticeably faster!), there were literally terabytes of RAW and scan files to copy and to back up again.

From bitter experience, I know it is not enough to copy files over to a new computer. You have to create a second copy right away, all else is tempting fate!

My backup strategy for the iMac is like this: The computer harddrive is backed up to a Time Capsule that sits on the LAN in another room. This is a fire-and-forget-solution with the added benefit of versioning.

If you want to avoid excessive times for the first backup, both the computer and the Time Capsule need to be on the hardwired LAN, WLAN can‘t compete for that. It is fine for the differential backups that come after that.

The image files were on two 2 TByte FireWire 800 external drives that were connected to the G5. Still, this was quite a slow solution with the drives needing to spin up once you accessed them. And don‘t ask me how many FireWire drives have failed on me! For better reliability, I bought a Drobo RAID system. Don‘t know yet how this will work out, files are copying over to it as I write.

So, what do I do with this system? I prefer my photography film-based, so it all starts with scanning the negatives. The iMac running Snow Leopard still can access my Epson flatbed scanner and my Nikon film scanner.

Especially in the latter case, I had read horror stories on the web about Nikon Scan software no longer working with Snow Leopard. For me, it does! The same thing applies to the alledgedly broken color manangement.

Perhaps I‘m just lucky for using an outdated version of Photoshop, CS 2. Reactivation of Photoshop was no fun, an Adobe representative whom I chatted with would rather have me upgrade to CS 5 than show me the solution that was to be found on the Adobe support website. Anyway, it is working now.

The end products of my image processing workflow are digital negatives that I print out on overhead transparencies with my Epson R2400 printer. From this point onwards it gets traditional and chemical, I use them for platinum-palladium-prints.

Some pictures I also upload to my blog, Mostly Black & White. As the name suggests, it is about monochrome fine art photography, but lately, a lot of Apple-related blogposts have been creeping in. I‘ll be making amends any day now!

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