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My Mac Monday (MMM15) : Dave Skull

My Mac Monday (MMM15) : Dave Skull

I have been using Macs exclusively in my creative endeavors since 2004. It all started with a 15″; PowerBook G4 I got in college and now I am using a 15″; MacBook Pro. I began using Macs in school when I was studying audio engineering in Los Angeles, CA. The entire school ran on Macs, not only in the classrooms, but in the office as well.

It was a great introduction into the music and film industries. I had always heard how 95% of computer users were using PC’s and only about 5% were using Macs and at this point is where I saw who that 5% was.

The first computer I ever used as a kid was a Performa, but the next computer my parents bought was a PC because it was cheaper and I was stuck. Creating music or anything really was always difficult on a PC, but on a Mac it has always been easy.

As a PC user I only used a computer for the basics, email, web surfing, and games. I always wanted to venture into more advanced uses of the computer, but with all of the issues we kept having with it made it very hard to want to do anything on it.

Then once I was going to school and using Macs there and was looking to get a laptop to work on I told my parents that it had to be a Mac. The industry I was going into uses them exclusively and I need to be fluent with them. I got a 15” Powerbook G4 and that was it. Making music and art on a Mac has been this creative person’s dream.

I haven’t worried about my machine crashing or having trouble running my applications. I can just worry about getting the sounds I am looking for or what color should a grizzly bear made of cheese be.

I am able to forget about what I’m doing on a technical level and instead focus on my work. Be it writing music or taking pictures I am able to keep my mind on the work and not wondering if my gear is gonna make it through the session.

Mostly I use my Apple stuff to create music and photography. I use a 2008 15” Macbook Pro to write experimental electronica using Reason. I like having the laptop to make it something I can transport to and from gigs. At home when I’m working I hook it up to a monitor to give me a better view. As for my photography I use my iPhone 4 exclusively for that.

I am a huge proponent of iphoneography and mobile photography. I have a ton of camera apps for my iPhone 4 and love mixing them together to see the results I get.

It has been great to have it as usually, like anybody, I am struck with inspiration at the most random moments and it is great to be able to get my iPhone out and fulfill that need to create something. I use the notes app to keep all of my writings in order and even have a few music apps. As of this writing I am waiting on an iPad I ordered to get in.

I am really excited to use that in my music with a few apps I have gotten for triggering samples and synthesizers. I even have some great drawing apps I am excited to use.

All in all Macs have made it easy for me to create everything that’s floating around in my brain, no matter how odd or complicated it may be. It’s only my imagination that gets in the way. To see any of my work go to for my blog and if you go to you can download all of my music for FREE. I can be found on Twitter @daveskull.

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