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My Mac Monday (MMM14) Tim Stringer

My Mac Monday (MMM14) Tim Stringer

My love affair with the Mac started one fine day back in the early 1990′s when a shiny new Macintosh IIcx was dropped on my desk. I was a software engineer at the time and my computing world centred around MS-DOS and Windows.

Using and developing on a Mac felt like a breath of fresh air and the creative possibilities that this new platform offered immediately piqued my interest. I appreciated the amount of thought that went into both the hardware and the operating system and before long was enthusiastically churning out graphics software.

A short time later I was hired by Corel Corporation as a Mac developer and I later went on to become the project manager for all of Corel’s Mac offerings.

In recent years my collection of Apple devices has expanded to include the iPhone and iPad, and my career path took me to Atimi Software, one of the very first companies to develop apps for the iPhone.

I believe that Apple’s innovative multi-touch interface represents a significant milestone in the evolution of computer interfaces. Interacting with these devices has always felt very natural and the technology itself fades into the background.That’s the way it should be.

I’m also the proud owner of an Apple TV and have found it to be a natural extension to my digital lifestyle. I’m very curious to see if there’s any truth the recent iTV rumours – perhaps we’ll find out on September 1.

I’m very Zen by nature and am most at home when living and working in an uncluttered space. I’ve found that my Apple devices support this lifestyle wonderfully. I purchased a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 earlier this year and am in the process of scanning most of my paper files.

Space is at a premium here in Vancouver and I appreciate being able to free up the storage space that all that paper occupied. I’ve also been enjoying having easy access to all my electronic documents. Most of my scanned documents end up either in Evernote or Dropbox, which makes them easy to access from my iPad and iPhone – or even through a web browser in a pinch. I store my most sensitive documents in a secure disk image that I manage using Knox, a utility now owned by the same talented folks who created 1Password for the Mac (and now Windows), iPhone and iPad.

With so much of my life in digital form, I take backup very seriously. I have a Time Capsule in my home office and feel comforted knowing that Time Machine is working in the background to keep me backed up. I also use BackBlaze to maintain an off-site backup of all my important documents, including my coveted photo collection. When it comes to backup, redundancy is key.

I’m a big fan of David’s Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) approach and the beautifully crafted Things task manager fits nicely into my workflow and is supported across all my devices.

I’ve found that I’ve been reading more since getting an iPad and especially enjoy having an entire library at my fingertips when I travel. My iPad has even replaced the heavy binder that I used to lug around when I teach yoga classes. And even boardgames have made a comeback with the advent of these new devices. I particularly enjoy playing the iPad Scrabble game, using my iPhone as the tile rack, naturally.

Thanks to TotalApps for giving me the opportunity to share my story. If you’d like to read more I invite you to follow me on Twitter @timstringer and visit my personal website and blog at

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