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My Mac Monday (MMM13) : Shaun Takenouchi

My Mac Monday (MMM13) : Shaun Takenouchi

Hello, my name is Shaun. I love just about anything and everything that has to do with Apple. I got hooked on the Apple bug about 4 years ago and haven’t looked back since. My first Apple purchase was the original white Macbook.

As you can see from the picture, not only do I have a Macbook, but I also have an iPad, Apple Keyboard, and Magic Mouse. I do also have an iPhone 4 as well as an iPod Touch. Really, the only piece of computer technology that I have that is not Apple is the monitor, which is an HP (trust me, if I could afford an Apple Monitor, I would totally get it!!)

I currently use my Mac setup for a couple of different things. As a teacher I am constantly using my Macbook and iPad to help me communicate with students in a digital way.

I am continually trying to push the envelope with technology and students, and trying to eliminate the use and waste of paper as much as possible in my classroom.

What makes it fun is that kids are totally into this as well and we are always thinking of new ways to use different mobile technology to better the class.

The second thing that I use my Mac setup for is my blogging site ( Blogging has been something that I have thought about for a long time, and finally took the leap about 8 months ago. The site has reviews and posts of different Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps as well as other accessories that I think make Apple products easier to use.

The whole goal of the blog is that every day people like you and me can go to the site and find out about apps and other Apple related items that may make their Apple experience a little better.

It is something that I do in my spare time and it is something that I love to do. You should definitely go and take a look at it and would love any feedback that I can get.

Well, thanks for reading. I want to say thank you to David and the rest of the Total Apps gang for giving me the chance to do this. Feel free to follow me on twitter @shaun_27.

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