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My Mac Monday (MMM12) : Tonya Krupina

My Mac Monday (MMM12) : Tonya Krupina

I’m the customer care specialist at Yellow Media Group. I’m really in love with my job and I guess Apple does contribute a lot to this love.

I swithched from PC to Mac about three years ago, and frankly speaking, I didnt find a lot of soulmates among my Windows-limited friends and collegues.

Needless to say how happy I became when I got the job at the first fully Mac-equipped professional contact center: now I am a part of the like-minded team of Mac-lovers.

I love the word ‘care’, the meaning of it. It all starts in our office. Our contact center provides support 24/7, so our specialists usually have day and night shifts and thus our working places should be ‘extremely’ comfortable: Herman Miller tables and chairs make the atmosphere more productive.

I have relatively small desk so my 2 GB RAM – 2.26 GHz – 160 GB HDD Mac Mini perfectly fits it. The computer is very compact and meets all the requirements. I also have 23 inch monitor , and of course the main thing for me is the phone. We have Cisco IP Phones and Plantronics headsets which are very pleasant to work with. Still, the most beautiful thing on my desktop which I

absolutely adore is my 16 GB WiFi iPad. People usually use it for playing games or floating the web, and for us iPad is different – we are always on guard to make other users enjoy using their tablets!

Everything on my desk plays an important role in the working process, helping me to achieve high efficiency and provide help to our customers as quickly and professionally as possible. In other words, I love my Mac, I love my work and that’s what makes me happy:)


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