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My 5 Favourite Plex Apps

My 5 Favourite Plex Apps

If you have ventured as far as using Plex as your home media centre you will know how great it is at managing media automatically adding film and TV series artwork and even the TV show theme to play on the appropriate menu.

Plex is a fully featured (free) rival to the Apple TV system getting better on each release. Born from the Xbox media centre software it can handle music, photos, films and TV with a stunning graphical user interface.

Once you have Plex set to manage your local media it is time to venture to the Plex Apps store. Plex has massive potential for viewing online content with plugins for a mass of content providers including Apple, BBC, MTV, and many more. Here are the top five apps I use on a regular basis :

1. BBC iPlayer

BBCThe Plex BBC iPlayer app is brilliant, all the latest programmes from BBC TV and radio in your living room on demand.  The video quality is perfectly watchable and offers a perfect solution to catch up on a missed programme. It is one thing to be able to catch up on TV programmes on your computer now you can watch previously aired TV from the comfort of your living room. Streams can sometimes be hit or miss (as is the case when watching on a computer). The BBC iPlayer content is only available in the UK.

2. Apple Trailers

AppleThe full compliment of Apple Trailers including the ability to view HD content. The quality is stunning and content (including HD) is reasonably quick to buffer.

3. Joost

joostOffers the ability to stream music videos, TV and film on demand. Joost has a massive selection of content that is exceptionally quick to buffer and play. Check out the Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin channels !

4. Ted

tedIdeas worth spreading, the Ted channels allow to watch the latest, and top rated Ted Talks. The quality is spectacular and videos are extremely quick to stream and display.

5. YouTube

youtubeFull access to the most popular video sharing website in your living room. The interface is definitely easier to use than the AppleTV YouTube support.

Installing Apps

Installing Apps in Plex really could not be easier. Load Plex and click up once to access the Apps Store main menu. The word ‘store’ can imply there is a charge for the content, there isn’t the plugins (to date) have been developed free of charge.

Click on an Application title to display a synopsis of what the plugin offers. It should be noted that not all plugins work in all countries and there is no clear clarification in the listings, it is a generally a matter of trial and error. To install a plug in click on the plugin title for example in the screenshot below I clicked on “The Daily Show” then click install to download and apply the plugin to your Plex install.


The show will now appear in your “Videos” category although for one or two plugins I had to restart Plex for the new apps to work properly.

Plex is a brilliant and free media centre perfect for any Mac mini media centre. Feel free to post your favourite plugins in the comments.


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