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Must Have Apps for your Mac PCs

Must Have Apps for your Mac PCs

For many Mac computer users, you will surely wonder about “Are Mac apps for keeps?” This article will tackle different applications for a Mac computer. Every Mac user should have these apps installed on their computer.  It is for certain that the apps will eventually get a permanent place on your Mac to call it Home. Grab this opportunity in finding more about these apps that are can indeed be very suitable for you to use.


Dropbox is an amazing application that you surely do not want to miss this chance to explore.. To use this app, all you need to do is drag the file into the Dropbox folder and it will be instantly shared. See? No hassle for you just to save your files. With Dropbox, you are guaranteed of its file-sharing service.


This application is certainly the app that you mostly want to have on your Mac computer. It will scan your system for all the installed apps, plugins, preference panes, and widgets. The results will be laid out to you in just a matter of seconds. All the things that you want to know will all be laid out in front of you at an instant.


This application is the most widely used protocol chat app for many Mac computer users. It supports wide ranging chat protocols that include MSN, Facebok and a lot more. Just use it and let Adium supports it. Furthermore, it is also customizable both in its theme and functionality. So what more can you ask for? Everything you need for chatting is righ there on Adium.

The Unarchiver

This little app comes without a user interface.  Once you install this on your Mac, it will unpack every file you dumped on it. You can throw as many files as you want such as RAR or ZIP files without overworking your Mac system. It will only queue the files and unpack these files one by one.


Skitch is an application that is considered to be the most impressive image editors for Mac. It is capable of saving different types of images that will range from JPG, PNG, PDF, BMP, TIF, GIF and SVG. By using Skitch, it will save all the files that it had modified and keeps a history of it. You can grab a file that you have modified in the past days by just retrieving it from the History.

iStat Menus

iStat Menus is the convenient app that you can use anytime. It is can be easily located   since it lies on the menubar. This preference pane will provide vital information when it comes to CPU usage, temperature, memory usage and network activity.  Actually, all these information are being buried deep inside the Mac system specifically in the Utilities folder. Since you are geeks, you need to know everything on your system always.


This app is one of the best remote-support applications available. This app is very useful if you need someone to support you when you have trouble opening your applications on your Mac. He will be able to do the support right on his own computer.

If you want to have all these applications imbedded on your computer right away, do not miss this chance. Download these apps right now and get the most out of your computer and enjoy the advantage of never ending apps on your Mac.

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