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More Replacements for Mac Software

More Replacements for Mac Software

As it was mentioned recently, there are so many paid apps in the Mac App Store!!! but there are always some free options that you can find. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, but still desire great apps, then here are some more completely free software apps to replace their paid versions:

Parallels and Fusion/VirtualBox


If you have been working on Mac, and you want to work on Windows now, people will tell you about Fusion and Parallel (each for $80). There is another tool out there and you might not have heard about it. It is called VirtualBox.

It is open source and while it does lack some features available in paid tools, it is the best answer for those users who want to work on Windows, but aren’t too specific about processor requirements. If you want an inexpensive solution with fewer features, then VirtualBox is certainly for you.



Linkinus is an IRC client that will cost you $20 and you can visit a chat room and chat with other people. Colloquy is available free of cost and is an open source app.

This app is designed intelligently and is very reliable. It has many features and you can customize it using preferences.


Textmate is a robust text editor and is available for $55. It can edit many codes, like HTML. If you want a free replacement, you can use TextWrangler that has many options and you can select them from the menu.

It is great in many areas like finding and replacing text blocks. Coloring syntax for various languages, FTP operation, and code folding etc are some of its features. It is good for basic text editing, and it is perfect for programmers.


fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffTransmit Transmit is an extremely famous FTP client for Mac, and is available for $34. If you want to save that money, you can get Cyberduck for free, but with fewer features.

This tool is great to connect to, and to upload and download files from the FTP servers. But it’s not just about FTP, but about many other servers as well. It has an easy interface, and you can edit files directly under the server.



Concentrate will cost you $29, and will help you take off distractions, and will help you concentrate on your work. It can set ‘away’ as your chat status, quit some applications, run AppleScripts, and blocks Facebook.

Isolator does the same task, but in a different way. It will highlight the current application, while the other apps will be dimmed down. You can customize this app with the options given under preferences.

Do you know about any free apps to replace some paid ones? Let us know about them and we will include them in upcoming articles.

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