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MoneyWiz – great personal finance App for your Mac

MoneyWiz – great personal finance App for your Mac

MoneyWiz offers a great way to manage personal finance.It has originated as an iOS app and has proven itself to be really efficient and easy to use.There are a lot of other personal finance apps we’ve used and checked out.They all are fairly good,though they miss one key Apple-like aspect – beauty.Sure thing,it is not about the looks,but,it feels so much nicer to work with a good-looking app,doesn’t it?
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MoneyWiz is way ahead of its competitors due to an excellently crafted esthetics.Nice rounded edges,as well as an interactive format bring all the best features together to make it an awesome personal finance app.Moving away from the boring spreadsheet approach to tracking money,this app presents for separate number crunching categories that are just as powerful as they are visually pleasing.Budgets,Accounts,Schedules and Reports each offer their own way to manage your personal finance.


Let’s start with the most important function – MoneyWiz is available for iPad,iPhone and OS X. SilveryWiz even offers their own cloud syncing to keep everything nice and tidy across all platforms.We’ve tried to use all three versions – the ability to sync everything across all the devices is amazing indeed.Above all,the free cloud sync is the best reason to pick up MoneyWiz for every device.This helps a lot with a monthly finance management;it will even send you a push alert when your budget is reaching its limit.
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In order to start you need to create an Account with a beginning balance. Add entries to the list,both – credits and debits,just like you would do it in any other finance app.In the Account section,transactions are either listed as pending or complete,which is noted by red and green bookmark ribbons.

The entries can be sorted using stock categories,or,the user can create their own categories,including a customized icon to represent the expense or income.In addition,an image,such as a receipt scan,may be attached to each line-item.MoneyWiz provides sorting by date,amount,payee or description and filtering by timeline,pending status and type.
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Completed transactions will be tracked by checking categorized purchases against the month’s (day’s or year’s) allotted amount.
The categorized sections are designated by the debits and credits entered in the account section.The budget section will monitor multiple account account sections,in the event money is tracked separately.
To schedule reoccurring transactions,either transfers,incomes or expenses,the Scheduled tab will help automate account items. The Scheduled options include Account designation, category tracking, a description, and payee accounting.  Timeframes for the scheduled items can also be designated by days, months, or years and be executed on exact days.
Visualizing where all the money goes or comes from, is made simple with the Reports tab.  MoneyWiz offers the following graphical representations: net worth; trends; categories; forecast; account balance; budget balance; compare budgets; payees; and statistics.  Of course, some of the categories are not useful unless the correct information is input for each income or expense.
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MoneyWiz ($24.99,App Store)is a great personal finance solution that syncs across devices and looks great while doing it.Its functionality is on a really high level.

1. Sync across all platforms
2. Detailed category tracking
3. Split payments across multiple categories
4. Detailed graphical reporting
5. Notifications of payment dates
6. Monitor pending payments

1. Price
2. No user option to directly link with personal bank accounts

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