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MoneyWiz 1.3.5 Review

Managing money is a pain unless you can afford an accountant but even then you have to pay them. I am all too familiar with how mind-numbing personal finance can be and the software designed to take care of it doesn’t exactly add to the fun. Despite the obvious convenience, you still have to perform the menial task of inputting all the data and details and debts and anything else associated with your financial situation. If only there was a way to speed this process up.

This is where MoneyWiz comes in and with a name like that, you know it has no intention of taking things slow. This app intends to make money managing as quick and painless as possible and does this by effortlessly transferring all your information into one convenient place, with the added bonus of letting you sync everything to your other devices so you can keep track of things while you’re out and about and any changes you make will be updated back at home as well.

Once you install it and open your new account, you can import all your data from however many different accounts you have and store it all in one place in an easy to read format. It only takes a few minutes to input your data and once that is taken care of you will have complete freedom to manage your finances however you see fit.

A nice feature is the reports screen, which presents all your transactions and data from any chosen period in the form of colourful graphs. This is a great way to show it clearly and makes it a lot easier to keep track of what is going in and out of your accounts and your overall expenditure.

Budgeting is a particularly useful tool as you can set yourself limits and the app will keep track of what you are spending where and inform you when you are in danger of overspending. It is much easier to maintain self-control when a program is measuring it for you.

A scheduling feature also helps you keep track of any standing orders, direct debits or any other scheduled payments that are expected to come out of your account, and helps you stay on top of them, so you can make sure the money is there in time and ready for payment.

While the syncing ability is incredibly useful, be aware that the Mac version does not cover other devices and you will need to purchase it separately for each one you wish to sync it to. Fortunately the app is much cheaper for the iPad and iPhone so should not set you back too much, as MoneyWiz will indeed show you!

It is hard to fault MoneyWiz. The way it allows you to import all your data quickly and easily is refreshing and it is very easy to use overall. A clear layout makes all the information clear and it will make money management a lot more bearable.

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