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MobileMe in the Dock

MobileMe in the Dock

I was recently asked if the release of Dropbox for iPhone (dropbox link) has changed my view on Mobile Me. I still think MobileMe is a great service and one worthy of the price tag but there are a number of changes I would make that I think would make it perfect for iPhone users.

I love MobileMe, it offers so many sync opportunities between iPhone and Mac and it all happens seamlessly behind the scenes with little user intervention. The ability to use two Macs and sync iDisk on both computers makes MobileMe a big part of how I work.


I have found though that even with ‘push’ mail I tend to use the sync services more than I use the email, the big question though is Dropbox a threat ? well not really and I don’t believe it is trying to be. Comparing storage cost ? per gig MobileMe wins hands down with the addition of a number of additional sync services. Anyway, if I had the power to improve MobileMe here are there things I would update.

1. Ability to you use your own domain with MobileMe.

Google offer this for free and with massive storage. I did think the ability to use your own personal domain with iWeb was the start of a move in this direction but it wasn’t to be. The ability to use your own domain not only looks more professional but it also means in a few years time if you do move email providers your address remains with your domain.

2. The ability to sync mail rules with the cloud.

I have about a dozen mail rules that sort, colour, and even delete mail automatically. It would be great if these were applied at the server level rather than just at level. This would mean when I check my MobileMe email via the web interface or on iPhone it would all be filtered as it is on my desktop. Server sided rules are a big part of how Microsoft Exchange works and if MobileMe is ‘Exchange for the rest of us’ then we need server sided mail rules.

3. Improved sync capabilities for larger files.

Perhaps this is just me but I am finding more and more conflicts with files greater than 10MB. With the massive storage available on iDisk users are going to have larger files in their document folders. I have a few files that are 30MB and ever so often I find I have a few conflicts with these larger files. I am alone with this issue ? Also the speed of initial synchronisation could do with a bit of an increase.

4. Notes in the Cloud

I love the iPhone notes application. I find I use it in most meetings, it is quick, and easy to use but I’d love to be able to sync notes with the cloud and access them back at my computer without having to email them to myself. I know there are other applications for note taking but the one provided with the iPhone is great, this feature would make it even better. I realise I can sync notes via iTunes but the cloud seems like a more logical and direct sync route ?

Again these are improvements I would make not gripes about the current service. I find MobileMe a great feature and I haven’t even mentioned the brilliant photo and video galleries it offers. To be honest if you own a Mac you really should consider a MobileMe account for the ease of photo and video sharing as well as the various sync and backup services it offers. More Information on MobileMe here.

The best news is that it doesn’t have to be MobileMe v Dropbox as Dropbox offers you 2GB completely free and like many others I use both services in tandem.

Give Dropbox a try (free 2GB account).

What do you think ?

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