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Mobile Receipt for iPhone

Mobile Receipt for iPhone

If you have ever had to keep a detailed record of your expenses you will know what a laborious task it can be to keep receipts and totals for the end of year form filling.

Well, Miteksystems have come up with an iPhone application entitled Mobile Receipt that offers an easy way of tracking your expenses and at the same time producing easy to format reports ready to email to the accounts department.

mobmainMobile Receipt employs the camera on your iPhone to take photos of your receipts. The application then converts the photo into a high quality image and with a single touch, converts the data into a professional looking expense report.

The reports can be customised and the user has full control over which receipts are actually included. Once you have created a report the system emails it to the address you used to set up your accounts. (This can be changed at any stage from within the application).

The emailed report comes with three format options :

  • PDF: this is a fully-formatted report, ready to print and submit, with all receipt images attached.
  • RTF: like the PDF version, this report is fully formatted, but can be edited as needed.
  • TXT: this is a comma-separated values (CSV) file ready to be imported into a spreadsheet, if desired. Due to the file format’s nature, this report does not contain any special formatting or attached images.

Mobile Receipt is easy to use and Mobile Receipt’s IMagePROVE technology automatically crops, rotates and scales the image as if you carefully photocopied each one in your office. The printed image looks identical to the original.

The application and associated service comes in two forms. The standard version, which is limited to the storage of 100 receipts (more than enough for most users) but if you need more storage then a subscription based pro version is also available.

Mobile Receipt is a great application for those who need to keep a record of expenses and copies of receipts. It is easy and quick to use and the reports cover a record of your transactions and running totals.


One negative I have found is that the current version is locked to $ as the currency and although this doesn’t have any negative issues on calculations of totals it would be nice to be able to use a ? sign for the reports. Perhaps this feature will be available in future versions. [Click here for more information (iTunes link)]

Click on Thumbnails for a larger view.

mob1 mob8 mobmain mobrec

mobcat mobcalc mobrep mobrep2

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