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Mobile OS Features

Obtaining a great experience in the using of a mobile device depends on several little factors. These factors determine how easy, innovative and downright compelling it is to make the particular devices to work as well as the OS. Below mentioned are some of the features that go on a long way to make the gadget very useful as well as enjoyable in its use.

Tap On The Title Bar To Scroll On Top Of The Window

All the smaller screens that are visible on several mobile devices means there is lot of scrolling required within the long windows and in many of them means having to scroll back on the top of the page. This process is considered as the most tedious action on several of the mobile devices, but, has been excellently resolved by Apple in its iOS devices. The parent company has created a feature so as to auto-scroll onto the top position which means to scroll back on the top of any window by simply tapping into the title bar in any of the application. This feature is very useful for many of the Apple’s mobile devices and has been finding invaluable to be had on a system-wide basis.

webOS– Taking Of Screenshots With The Help Of Key Combinations

There are several times when the user requires capturing an image of the screen of any of the application and it is also considered as a very easy way to describe how to make use of any particular application. This feature was long ago made possible to do this in webOS as well as the iOS by simply tapping onto the power button as well as on the Home button at the same time. The usefulness aspect of this feature is that it quickly apparent when the user uses platforms or gadgets that are not functioned to perform this action. This feature was long needed by Android devices and has finally patched up to the other two in its Ice Cream Sandwich device.


Dragging Of Application Icons On One Another So As To Get Them Organized Into Folders

If your mobile device has multiple home screens, there can be a possibility that several application icons will be on the desktop. This cluttering of app icons can be organized by putting similar applications into folders will make the screen look neat, clean and small. This feature has been made part of the iOS devices of Apple and has gained much popularity within the users.

Settings Of Notification Center

Android holds the credit of pioneering an excellent method of displaying all the notifications which are added up on the center, but the settings that control the displayed notifications is deeply graved within the apps. Apple, added up in good notifications within the iOS 5 and what is normally done, to make it much better.

The above mentioned features impose a great impact on the use of the mobile gadgets especially of the Apple devices, but there can be other useful features as well.

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