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Mobee Technology Magic Charger Review

Mobee Technology Magic Charger Review

The Mobee Magic Charger address’ one of the most annoying problems with the Apple Magic Mouse and that is the battery life. Apple include 2 alkaline batteries with the magic mouse which will need to be replaced every few weeks , This can cause a great problem and you could lose full functionality of your Mac if you do not have any batteries at hand.

The Mobee Magic Charger not only will save you a fortune and pay for its self in the long run but will take one problem of the list. The charging base will sit on and suite any style of desk and setup as it matches the style of the macintosh range with the aluminium and white  colour scheme. This is not going to take up a lot of space up at all as it is just the correct size to fit your Magic mouse. To recharge your magic mouse you do not have to change battery packs simply just place your Magic mouse on top of the charging base , We even found that the mouse will charge when hovered 1cm above with no actually connection to the platform. The set up is really simple as all you have to do is replace your batteries with the battery pack (supplied with Magic Charger) , You then have to connect the charging base to your computer to via USB 2.0 again is supplied  with the product. If you are struggling to free up a USB port then you can also use a Power adaptor which is not supplied by Mobee or neither is offered by Mobee. The charging pad on the front of the charging base indicates the current situation for example solid red means nothing is charging , flashing green means charging and solid green means fully charged. On a full charge we received around 6 full days of use with out having to place the mouse back on the charging base. The mouse performance depends on personal preference but with the battery pack in the magic mouse it feels a lot lighter then any other rechargeable batteries we have ever used in the Magic Mouse. We have recommended this product to everyone we know with a Magic Mouse and they have all said the same thing ” They do not know how they used to survive with out it”. So if you have a Magic Mouse and are sick of purchasing batteries why not think about a Mobee Magic Charger.

Buy The Mobee Magic Mouse Here For ?38.99 (RRP ?45)


Battery Magic Mouse Inductive Charging Technology : Charging your Magic Mouse™ will be as simple as placing your mouse on top of the base station.
Inductive Charger Ultra Slim Design for Mobile User : With 6 days autonomy after a full recharge, if you travel for more than one week with your Magic Mouse™ you just need to carry a 0.35 in / 9mm thick base station.
Inductive Charging Technology A greener way to use your Magic Mouse™ : Stop trashing batteries, Stop disassembling your Magic Mouse™ to change your batteries. Let the Magic Charger™ to manage everything and help protecting the environment.
Magic Charger A Cost Effective solution for Home, Travel & Office Use : The Magic Charger™ is cost effective after one year of Home Usage & six months of office usage. As an IT Manager, this will become your favorite solution for all your iMacs & MacBooks in Offices, Universities etc … You don’t need to care about battery replacement.
Magic Mouse USB Powered : Plug the base station to any USB port in order to allow the recharge, you don’t even need an external power supply.
Magic Mouse Batteries Made of Recyclable Materials



– Installation only takes 1 minute !
– Open the Magic Mouse™ and remove the 2 AA Batteries.
– Install the specific Mobee Battery Pack and clip it.
– Place the base station on your desktop and plug it through any USB port.
– Place the Magic Mouse™ on top of the base station, it is charging !

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