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MindManager 8 Released

MindManager 8 Released

I am a massive fan of using mind maps both in project planning and in educational management. The ability to visualise concepts and plan processes definitely results in a much high success rate and much less stressful journey.

The good news is Mindjet have just announced the availability of MindManager 8 for Mac. This latest generation of the product offers more functionality and better integration with native Mac applications to help increase personal productivity, better manage information and drive business results for Mac users. Today’s news follows on the heels of Mindjet’s successful launch of its Web-based collaboration solution Mindjet Catalyst™ in October 2009.

I have only been ‘playing’ with the new release for an hour or so but it definitely feels faster to use and Mindjet have focused particular attention on making sure the application works in unison with other applications.

MindManager is a productivity tool for individuals, as well as the world’s leading mind mapping application. Unlike documents, presentations and e-mail, which constrain you to working one page at a time, MindManager’s visual approach, on an expandable canvas, or “map,” captures and organizes complex ideas and processes in such a way that users and teams can see the forest and the trees.

Key Features

  • Integrates with native Mac productivity software such as iCal, Address Book, and iWork, and Microsoft® productivity software for easy assignment of project tasks and reference of documents. Import from Microsoft Word, and Apple® Pages®. Export to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Apple iWork Pages, Keynote®, OPML, text outline, HTML, JPG, PNG or TIFF formats. Additionally, iChat integration allows users to send a map to someone during a chat for real-time collaboration and information sharing.
  • Sharing capabilities enable users to create maps in MindManager 8 for Mac and open for editing in MindManager 8 for Windows and Mindjet’s Web-based collaboration platform Mindjet Catalyst. Users can also publish maps in social media networks and export maps in a portable, interactive PDF or Flash format using Mindjet Player.
  • Simplifies task and event management with new iCal integration that makes it easy to keep track of ‘To Do’ lists and multiple calendars – one for home, another for school, a third for work, and so on.
  • Standard Apple gesture support on the Multi-Touch Trackpad and Magic Mouse is available. These are actions like “pinch and expand” to zoom in on the map and “three finger roll” for scrolling through the map.
  • A built-in browser, which can be initiated within maps, gives users the ability to view Web pages and PDF documents without leaving MindManager 8 for Mac.
  • MindManager 8 for Mac is available in four languages: English, German, French and Japanese and can be purchased through for the upgrade price of $129 or as a new license for $249. Customers who currently own MindManager 6 or 7 for Mac who purchase an upgrade before February 28, 2010 can do so for the special price of $99.

As a big fan of the previous MindManger releases I will definitely be reviewing this application in the next few weeks. My initial impression though is that MindManager 8 is the must have long awaited upgrade to Mind Managing !

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