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Many Options with iTunes

Many Options with iTunes

Now you can directly look for more songs

To find anything from iTunes store, you have to go to the iTunes app and go to the Store link. Next you have to enter the search keyword in the field given there. Here is a simpler way: just type your search criteria in the search option on the iTune window’s upper right corner. Now hold down on Option, and hit Return. You will find yourself in iTunes Store.

Search Filters

You can even apply filters on your search conditions. Let’s say you are looking for something in the music library- you may put filters on album, composer and artist, and it will give you refined results from your big collection of tracks.

To apply any filter, just click on the magnifying glass icon given on the search bar. You can see the available filters. When you select the given filter, you can see that the search bar changing to display your filters.

Progress Bars

You can rush through a song by clicking on Fast Forward, or by using the slider, but you can also just keep your mouse pointer on slider and instead of clicking, you can use the scroll wheel on the mouse. Though the effect is same, the sensitivity will vary depending upon your mouse settings. Same goes for volume control.

Album Artwork

When you import any CD in your iTunes, the artwork gets added in there. But sometimes it doesn’t work automatically. For those cases, you can search iTunes for desired artwork. Just visit Advanced, and then go to Get Album Artwork.

But if you want this to work, your music must be named in the correct way. So before you use this feature, you should check the names of tracks from your library.


There are many options on the sidebar, and you can always hide the ones that you do not want to use. Go to the iTunes preferences part. You can see some checkboxes there under General tab. Simply uncheck the undesired ones.

With all these tips and tricks, you can become a pro iTuner in no time. Are you a pro iTuner already? Do you know something we don’t know? Please send us some tricks that you have up your sleeves. We will wait for your comments.

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