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Manage the Icons in your Dock

Manage the Icons in your Dock

It is extremely easy to buy apps using the Mac App Store. If you get addicted to it, you will soon be buying a lot of apps, resulting in a cluttered Dock.

If there are some apps that you don’t want to use too often, then it is best that you take them off the Dock. Here is how you can remove the icons, and also how to add more of them:

Want to remove an icon? Simply drag it from the Dock. Just click your mouse on the icon and pull it out of the Dock.

If it’s a running app, then it will snap back even if you pull it out. This will happen because open apps are always showed in Dock. That icon will go automatically when you quit the application.

If the icon is inactive, then you can right click on any icon on the Dock, and a pop up menu will come. Click on ‘Remove from Dock’ under Options, and the icon will go.

You have removed the app from your Dock, but it still there on the system. You can get it from the folder ‘Applications.’ Simply double click on that app and it will be launched.

You can even remove the active process icons from dock by right clicking on it and then selecting Options. There will be a checkbox next to ‘Keep in Dock.’ Simply remove the check, and you will see that as the app is quitted, there will be no icon for it.

Now let us proceed to add some inactive apps to Dock. The app would probably be in the folder ‘Applications.’ You can click on the app, and then drag it using your mouse, to the Dock.

And if you just wish to change the icon location, simply drag it to the new position.

To add an active app to Dock, just right click on it and a pop up menu will show. Select ‘Keep in Dock’ from Options. So now when you will quit that app, its icon will keep showing on Dock.

Have you tried adding or removing icons from your Dock? Did you face any problems? Do write to us, and we might find some solutions for you.

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