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Making Safari Flash Free- Get less CPU Usage and Longer Battery Life

Making Safari Flash Free- Get less CPU Usage and Longer Battery Life

As CSS3 and HTML5 make advancements, Flash is being voted out. But in many websites, Flash is imperative. Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube are all taking part in it, and until new techniques are completely implemented, Flash is going to be used.

But there are ways you can use to avoid getting your computer memory eaten by Flash. We will demonstrate a simple way to avoid system crashing by halting Flash. This works in Safari. Here is what you’ll need:

Safari5 or higher



Get ClickToFlash

An interesting extension, ClickToFlash obstructs Flash content from web pages. After configuring ClickToFlash, instead of seeing a flash object, you will see ‘Flash’ written there. When you click on it, the Flash content will load.

When you use this plug in, you will see that the page loading time has decreased, and CPU usage has improved, along with the battery life. When you install ClickToFlash, go to Extensions in the Preferences menu, and select ClickToFlash. Now enable it. You can enable the whitelists section that will allow you to give a list of sites that can load their Flash content without prompting.

Get YouTube5

Vimeo and YouTube have started using HTML5 videos, but the default format is still Flash. YouTube5 extension mimics the QuickTime Player and forces Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube to load HTML5 by default.

When you install the extension, go to Extensions in Preferences, and select YouTube5. Now enable YouTube5. There are many options for you to choose from. You can auto play YouTube videos, or select the right default YouTube video format. You can also do it for Facebook and Vimeo. You can disable or enable the HTML5 video playing for each site. So if you want HTML5 only for YouTube, you can do so.

Are you driven nuts by slow speed due to Flash videos? Try the trick given here and let us know if you liked it.



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