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Magix Audio Cleaner Pro for Mac App Review

When it comes to audio software the Mac has its fair share and you can find an application for whatever it is you wish to do, whether editing some home recording or remixing a track but whatever you need it for, it tends to be complicated and aimed towards those with a deeper understanding of the technical side of it. This is also the case for cleaning up audio, whether it needs more clarity or has background noise that needs to be eliminated, but fortunately there is one app out there that is user-friendly enough for those less well-informed in music engineering, while providing enough functionality to appeal to the more serious audio editor. Magix Audio Cleaner Pro is available to download now for $59.99.

Audio cleaner Pro is certainly extensive in its features as there are more than 250 pre-sets that can be applied to audio in order to eliminate hiss, crackling and other noises, while a so-called cleaning agent can also be used to analyse your recording and figure out what is wrong with it and how it can be fixed.

There are four primary stages that make up the process, which include Import, Cleaning, Mastering and Exporting. Importing music is simple enough and a wide variety of formats is compatible with the program, however if you prefer you can record directly into the app using a microphone or by attaching a cassette or record player and playing the audio straight into it. With this stage done you then have access to five different cleaning methods, which include DeClicker, DeHisser, DeCrackler, DeNoiser and DeClipper, which each bring their own pre-sets to the process. Once it has been cleaned up and any issues ironed out, you can then move on to mastering the recording from a choice of six effects, including StereoFX, EQ, Brilliance, Dynamics, Multimax and Reverb/Echo. These will result in a more polished, professional sound once they have been applied and you can choose more than one if you wish. With everything done and dusted you can then export the audio file or burn it onto a CD.

All these features are easy to use and thanks to an intuitive interface, you can more or less jump straight in, whatever level your knowledge of music production is at. You can also break the song up and focus on individual sections, cleaning and mastering them however you see fit. There is a lot of flexibility here to see what works for which part and ultimately master the audio the way you think it should sound. In addition to this, the pre-sets are very clear on what effect they will have, while every step of the process is explained very clearly as you go.

Overall Magix Audio Cleaner Pro is a great app that will appeal to anyone looking to fix an audio recording, as well as add a little something to it to enhance it. Considering the level of functionality it offers, it is also excellent value and will put a professional sheen on your recordings.

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