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Magic Window

If you are sick and tired of looking at the same desktop of your Mac operating system, consider adding in the application of Magic Window on to your visual package of tricks.

The application of Magic Window has been made available via the Mac App Store at a price of US$2.99 on sale terms and has been formulated to include 14 excellent and beautiful landscapes that tend to change overtime. Through which the skies changes out automatically or the sun tends to rise and set. Moreover, you also get to control the speed along with providing special effects by the changing the colors in to black, white or sepia. Every loop within it is comprised of almost one thousand images.

The screen capture is of very high resolution which is greatly compatible with the 30 inch monitor screen without even giving a feeling of being blocky. Once, your Mac system has this application, the user has the option to download more scenes and that too at no additional costs. In total there are 40 scenes from which the user can select from. These images have been grouped in order of themes such as beaches, sunset, mountains and several other themed pictures.

This application is considered as the reminiscent of the feature of Sundial that has been released by Aladdin systems and was a previous application designed for Mac operating systems. Although, the program is long gone, but, the novelty of the application was that it used to get the scene tied up to the system clock so that when the sun was rising in your locality, your desktop will also be displaying the same scene – rising of the sun. However, this newly made application for Mac OS X, Magic windows, does not perform this act and additionally most of the loops also do not operate on the 24 hours basis. One of the makers of this application, John Michaels, has revealed that the program will eventually include this feature which, according to him was a most welcome feature.

Many of those people who are tired of looking at the boring wallpapers and do not have enough time to upload more background images, the Magic Window application provides a much needed variety on to your Mac’s main screen. Moreover, an additional feature is that it tends to support multiple monitors and every monitor can have a different scene on it. The user also has the option of using the Magic Window application also as a screen saver and these scenes can also be randomly shuffled as per the users’ requirements.

The system compatibility of the program of Magic Window, in addition to Mac operating systems, also relies on all the iOS devices along with the iPad version released last year.

The sale promotion offer will be conducted for the month of December 29th, 2011 after which the price tag will return to its original position of US$9.99. It is hoped by Mac users that the Magic Window program will be updated soon with brand new features as well as some additional scenes, but, until this to happen, the application is considered to be worth trying out.

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