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Madefire for iPhone and iPad App Review

Madefire for iPhone and iPad App Review

The iPad has always excelled at the more visual applications. While word processing with one is possible, it is not the best medium to perform such a task and is far better suited to reading than writing. It is a good way to read any books you have downloaded but better still is the way it can enhance the reading of a comic book. Dismissed by many as a childish way to read a story, real comic book fans know better as the comic is a great visual medium to present all kinds of stories. Madefire Inc. get this and have created an awesome app to cater to these very fans.

Madefire is free to download from the App Store and is also available for the iPhone, but to get the most out of it you really need an iPad. Madefire is designed to bring even more to the graphic novel by including motion and sound effects, making them much more immersive.

The comics are not animated exactly and are still presented in panels, after all this is not a cartoon app, but various motions have been added, such as various transitions and basic character movements, as well as other special effects to give them an added dimension. Sound effects are also included where appropriate and you can also enjoy an added soundtrack while you read. There are however no vocal tracks so you will still need to read the dialogue yourself.

The iPhone version is also good, as good as the smaller screen will allow at least. Due to its size, you will often only be able to fit one or two panels on the screen at once, but an added zoom feature means you can always read the dialogue with a simple pinching gesture. There is nothing wrong with the iPhone adaptation but you will probably enjoy the iPad version more as the screen is better suited to the page. Adding to the experience still is the app’s support for the Retina Display.

There are a number of free comics to choose from and the app is to be updated regularly with more. Currently there are only a few writers and artists contributing their work, most notably Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame, but Madefire plan on expanding this to provide readers with a wider selection.

This is well worth owning for any comic book fans. For a free app, Madefire has a lot to offer and will continue to provide, although there may come a point where we have to pay for further comics. You may not be a fan of the current selection but with constant updates on the way, you are bound to find something you like. Having comics collected neatly will be a plus point for some, although less so for the collector who prefers to have a solid copy. But even then, with its enhanced visuals and sound effects, this is a great way to present comics and one to keep an eye on.

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