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Mac’s Battery Life- Make Sure it Lasts

Mac's Battery Life- Make Sure it Lasts

As you use your Mac, you will notice that the battery life is slowly dying down. It does not stay as long as it used to when it was just new.

Let us begin by saying it is perfectly normal for laptops and notebook batteries to lose their efficiency over a period of time. It depends upon how you make use of the battery, along with how old it is. There are other factors as well- like temperature. The usage of battery is measured in terms of cycles of charge and discharge.

This cycle does not mean a full charge (100%) to a full discharge (0%). Let’s say, it goes from 100% to 60% (discharge of 40%). It then goes to 100%, and then to 50% (discharge of 50%), and then it rises to 100% and falls to 90% (discharge of 10%). If you combine the discharges- it makes a complete cycle of 100%

The latest batteries for Mac notebook are made to sustain 80% of their charging capacity even after 5 years of 1000 cycles. This means that if your battery stayed for 5 hours as it was new, then after 1000 cycles, it would last for 4 hours.

Your battery life also depends upon how you use it. If you always keep it plugged in, and never use the battery, it will wear out really soon. This is why you should run down the battery from full to complete discharge once a month. If you place your notebook in either too hot or too cold environments, it will also ruin the battery.

When should you buy a new battery?

One simple method to check if you require a new battery for Macbook is to go to System Profiler. You will find it in Utilities in Applications. You will find Power in the given list- click on it. You will see details like condition rating and cycle count. There will be categories like “Service Battery,” “Replace now,” “Replace Soon,” and “Normal.”

If you need more information, you can use coconutBattery, a Mac app, which is free to download. This app will show the current capacity of the battery, and will compare it to the original one. If it is higher than 80%, then it is normal.

Somewhere around 70% or a bit lower is also normal, but lower than that means you are in need of a new battery.

So if you have to use the notebook on its battery for a long time, you might have to buy a new one.

Is your battery working perfectly? It’s best that you check it. Do you know about any tips to make your battery last longer? Share some points with us, and we may include them in upcoming articles.

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