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Have you ever experienced using your mac one beautiful day and suddenly it’s getting slow…slower…and FREEZE?! Or have you asked yourself “why my mac is slow?” If your my mac is running slow, you should consider reading this article. This will help you figure out what is happening with your slow mac.

Mackeeper can rescue your slow mac performance. It is the 911 department of the mac computer. It will secure your mac that it is clean, protected, consistent and fast. Mackeeper is all you need for your mac computer. It contains all the stuff that you need to avoid macbook running slow, macbook pro running slow, macbook pro freezes, mac slow internet, and mac freeze problems. These irritating performances of the mac computer will perfectly handled by the mackeeper’s powerful all in one tool.
With just one powerful click, mackeeper will deal them all.

The reasons why your mac is running slow could be one of the following:
• The login items- these are applications that will launch upon the system and makes your macbook running slow. Remove some of the unnecessary items; there are some tools that will do this automatically. Here’s how:
o System preferences-login items and customizes the list according to their value for you. Clean my mac will clean your mac book and will no longer worry about the mac running slow problems.
• The cache and logs- the active use of applications will create cache and log files. These files will store some data that are necessary for the apps. This will lead to mac slow internet. Remove from the hard drive the cache and logs. Here’s how:
o In the user or macbook’s menu, click the library-caches or logs. Choose the files that you want to remove and drag them to trash bin.
o Download a special app (Mac keeper) that will clean up the unimportant files for you.
• Fonts and interface languages- there are some unused fonts and interface languages stored in the mac computer. This will cause the macbook slow performance. Remove them with mac keeper.
• Avoid the clones – there are some times that you accidentally saved the same files twice. It could be also that you have renamed the same files and it occupied the disk space. Remove the cloned files to free up some space in the disk to avoid macbook running slow.

Mackeeper’s features include the following:

  • The Disk Usage – this will scan the all the size of your folder. It will instantly detect large files that are being stored in the hard drive. This will also remove the clone files that are stored in the mac computer. These unwanted files will cause the slow mac.
  • Mac Clean up – this will clean your mac quickly to avoid the mac is running slow problem from visiting you. It will clean your mac computer safely. It will remove the entire junk file from dwelling in your mac. It will also protect the important files while eliminating the unimportant ones. It will remove the widgets, applications, plug-ins and any other unused item in your mac.
  • The anti-theft and antivirus- imagine your mac book will be secured from the internal and external form attacking your mac book. Mackeeper will protect your mac from the viruses which are rampantly invading in the net. It will also protect the mac book from theft. It will locate the area where the theft is using the benefit of the internet from your precious mac book. You will not only avid the mac slow problem but also the external threats.

Mac keeper will guarantee you that you will no longer entertain the “why my macbook is running slow?” question. It will also eliminate the worse question like “why my mac keeps freezing?” from disturbing your bond with mac. Mackeeper will eliminate these problems: macbook running slow, macbook pro freezes; mac is running slow, macbook pro running slow, macbook pro slow. Enjoy the moment with your mac with mackeeper.

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