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MacKeeper 3 Review: Now With 24/7 Support Chat

The last core release of MacKeeper came out in 2014, with the latest stable update going online in 2015. Now under the corporate banner of Kromtech Alliance rather than Zeobit, the performance optimizing software has gone through several changes since 2012, which we will review here.
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What Is MacKeeper?

For those not familiar, MacKeeper 3 is a piece of utility software for OS X 10.5 or later. It’s purpose is to keep your Mac clean of junk files and protect data, so the system remains fast and secure. To accomplish this the software includes a whole suite of tools (now 16 in total). This is perhaps the broadest bundle currently on the market.

What also sets MacKeeper apart from other similar apps is that it now includes a “human expert” or “personal technical assistant” feature, which allows you to chat with Apple certified support staff and even have them fix your computer remotely!

User Friendly

Despite it’s numerous functions MacKeeper is as user friendly as they come. As soon as you start the program you will be prompted to scan your system. This is a fast an efficient process and when it’s complete you will be displayed with several results. These include junk files to clean, a measure of how secure your system is, and an overall performance indicator.

At this stage you can either choose to go through the tools on the left hand panel yourself, or chat with a support professional who will explain the results and guide you through the clean-up process.

MacKeeper 3 find fix

For most people using the tools yourself will be fairly straightforward, and you can always turn to the professionals at a later date if you find a persistent problem that you can’t fix, or a tool you do not understand.

The tools fall under three main tabs at the top of the screen: Cleaning, Security, and Performance. The left hand panel also lists individual tools for quick use.

Let’s take a closer look at MacKeeper 3.


These tools will help you find and delete junk files, which may include old cached files, foreign language files from apps, system and user logs, and old app files still lingering around after they’ve been uninstalled.

Each type of file is cleaned under its own tool, so you do not have to remove everything found, and you can also go further in an unselect specific files you might want to keep.

To begin removing files you can simply click the “Cleaning” tab at the top of the window, or go to “Fast Cleanup” under the list of “Advanced Tools” on the left.

MacKeeper 3 fast cleanup

In our tests MacKeeper’s default removal did not accidentally remove anything we needed, such as system files or files that would make apps unstable.

Once you’re clean of junk, using the “Smart Uninstaller” in the future will ensure apps are fully removed from the system, instead of simply dragging them to the trash, which leaves behind all kinds of unneeded files.

The “Duplicate Finder” will also find files that you have more than one copy of. Most of the time the copies will not be needed so you can get rid of them and save even more space.

MacKeeper 3 duplicate finder


MacKeeper has several useful security tools that go beyond the usual anti-virus and anti-malware features. For example “Anti-Theft” will track the location of your Mac, use iSight to take a photo of the thief (or at least whatever is in front of the camera), repeating the process every 5 minutes to maintain a log to hand to the police. This data is stored on your MacKeeper online account, which you’ll need to access from another connected device.

MacKeeper 3 antitheft

There is also a comprehensive “Safe Browsing” mode, which if switched on will keep you safe from dangerous websites, phishing and identity theft, as well as outside devices trying to hack your system.

MacKeeper’s standard “Antivirus” tool will tackle viruses, malware and spyware, from both your Mac system and even emulated Windows systems as well.


A clean and secure system is always going to perform well, but we found MacKeeper’s added performance tools to be very useful. The most important of these is the “Login Items” manager, which always you to choose which apps you wish to launch on start-up, and which you only want to see when you manually open them.

We found this increased boot speed quite considerably, as well as freeing up memory.

Other than a few basic programs like MacKeeper itself, there were very few apps we felt needed to be launched right away, so this was a valuable tool.

If however you block most of your apps from launching on boot, you won’t be getting their update notifications, so MacKeeper has its own built-in “Update Tracker” to keep on top of things.

Extra Tools

On top of these core features, MacKeeper has several more tools that we found useful, especially the “Data Encryptor.” This allows you to hide personal data and files of your choosing from your hard drive. The only way to access them is through MacKeeper itself, which encrypts these files and hides them behind a password. This doubles up security from hackers and theft of the device.

The process is as simple as browsing to a folder and clicking “hide.”

MacKeeper 3 data encryptor

The “Shredder” will also ensure that sensitive files deleted from the system will not be able to be recovered from the hard drive at a later date. This is very useful if you end up selling your Mac at a later date.

On the flip side of this is the “Files Recovery” tool that can recover deleted files from your hard drive if you deleted them from the trash by mistake.

MacKeeper 3 files recovery

Geek On Demand

If you want to make use of support staff the feature is now called “Geek On Demand” and can be found at the top of the left hand panel. You can immediately text chat with an Apple Certified professional, and ask them any question relating to the performance of your Mac.

They will have access to your MacKeeper system summary and you can give them remote access to fix any problems that you don’t understand.

These “Geeks” are available 24/7 and do really know what they’re talking about. They’re neither bots nor uneducated foreign staff.

In our experience however the software is easy enough that you’ll never need to contact them, but it’s reassuring to know that somebody is there should you need a question answered.


MacKeeper 3 is one of the most comprehensive Mac utility tools on the market, with an easy to use interface and real quantifiable results. Even on our cleanest machines we were still able to get a performance boost when using the cleaning tools, and all of the extras came in handy at some point. While we always like to double up on anti-virus and security software, MacKeeper did its job well, and we particularly favored extras like the Encryptor and “Login Items” tools.

If you have a Mac and want it to remain fast, stable and secure, you should definitely look in to getting MacKeeper.

Click here to learn more about MacKeeper

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