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MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC review

MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC review


We decided to start this week with a review of a famous software for Macs called MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC.
MacKeeper has been gathering positive feed-backs from its users all over the world for quite a while now, and since the new version of MacKeeper 2012 has just been released it might be a good idea to take a closer look at this piece of software.

So, what makes it different from the rest of applications for Macintosh computers?
Now, it is not a secret anymore, that Macs are not invincible. The recent malware attacks were nothing but a wake up call for Mac users, that have never been serious about their computers’ security and claimed that all those antivirus/security apps were irrelevant. After a massive wave of malware attacks, earlier this year, Mac users don’t feel secure anymore. People are looking for a good security software, as well as decent cleaning and maintaining applications too.
The cleaning/maintaining Mac applications market is pretty big these days. However, imagine, what your system would look like if you have a separate software for cleaning, a different one for maintaining your system, another one for encrypting your data and a few more for security measures. Instead of speeding up your system, all these apps would definitely slow it down and add a large amount of toolbars that could be a real headache to figure out.
This is why MacKeeper 2012 is different – it has sixteen tools in one!


Here’s the list of tools that MacKeeper includes:

  • Backup
  • Data Encryptor
  • Default Apps
  • Disk Usage
  • Login Items
  • Shredder
  • Smart Uninstaller

And a set of cleaning tools:

  • Binaries Cutter
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Duplicates Finder
  • Language Cutter
  • Log Cleaner
  • Files Finder

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these utilities

Duplicates finder – this utility is extremely useful if you’re working with large amounts of video/audio and photo files. Sometimes, you create a file and then make a copy of it. Every once in a while some of those copies get lost within your system and pile up, eating up a huge amount of a storage space. This is when the Duplicates Finder comes in handy – it will scan your system, make a list of duplicates and leave you with a decision whether to keep those files or erase them.

Shredder – a tool that will erase an unwanted data from your computer in a way that will make it impossible to restore it. Very useful when it comes to getting rid of your personal information, credit card numbers, passwords in case, if you are selling your laptop etc. Be careful, after using the Shredder it will be absolutely impossible to restore the data.

Data Encryptor – will keep your data password-protected. Helpful, when your kids or co-workers use your computer.

Cache Cleaner, Binaries cutter, Logs Cleaner and Languages cutter – erase massive amounts of cache files that pile up on your Mac and eat up a large amount of storage space, delete languages you’re not using, scan your apps and delete the parts of them that your Mac doesn’t need, and scans your hard drive in order to find Log files that waste your storage space.

MacKeeper 2012 provides a great antivirus protection,in fact, their antivirus is listed in top 10 antiviruses in the world. It will block malicious web-pages and malware attacks. One feature that makes it irreplaceable for parents – MacKeeper 2012 will block porn websites so your child will not end up exposed to explicit content.

The rest of the cleaners will help you to get rid of binaries, login items that you don’t need, languages that you’re not using and old files.

Another outstanding feature of MacKeeper 2012 is the Anti-Theft service
What if your Mac’s got stolen? Is there any way to get it back? MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft will take a snapshot of a thief, send the report to ZeoBIT’s site. The company will contact you and provide you with all the information about the thief’s location, adding their photograph.


Geek On Demand – allows you to contact ZeoBIT’s certified experts in case you have any computer-related questions. They will respond within 48 hours.

Customer support service works 24/7 and provides a high quality consulting by certified professionals. There are three ways to contact MacKeeper’s customer support – via email, Live Chat or a phone!

The latest, MacKeeper 2012 version includes up to 160 updates and bug fixes!
MacKeeper 2012 is very easy to use – everything is done with just a few clicks, the software’s interface is very user-friendly and easy to figure
A great compilation of efficiency, simplicity and usability.

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