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MacCleanse 3 for Mac App Review

It will come as no surprise to computer owners that over time we amass all kinds of things on our hard drives that take up valuable space and slow down our systems. Not even the all-powerful Mac is safe from this and so there comes a time when we need to clear it out. Of course we can’t just delete everything because there are bound to be useful files among everything, which is why we need a decent piece of software to clean it all up and have our Macs running smoothly without any unwanted files cluttering up the hard drive. There are a number of applications for this purpose but few are as comprehensive as MacCleanse, which now has a new update that has made it even better. MacCleanse 3 is available from the App Store now for $19.99.

MacCleanse 3 is the clean-up app that the Mac so sorely needs. While such software is commonplace for Windows, we never feel the need quite so much for the Mac but it is still necessary and MacCleanse is possibly our best option for carrying out such a task. While other pieces of software will do a basic cleaning job, usually revolving around the removal of apps, such as AppZapper, MacCleanse provides a much deeper, more comprehensive clean-up.

MacCleanse 3 excels at across the entire range of clean-up tasks and it is incredibly easy to use. From the moment you open it you will be presented with a simple choice from two panes. The one on the left provides a list you can work through covering all the different parts of your Mac you can clean up. Here you have a lot of control over the kinds of task you wish to carry out and really configure the clean-up job to your needs. Whether you just need to carry out some simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning out the cache or performing more in-depth routines such as removing applications or even digging deeper into Universal Binaries, you can set it all up here.

As it turns out, there is a monumental amount of items that MacCleanse can track down and, if necessary, eliminate and the configuration of the scan can either be done automatically for a speedy job, or manually if you really want to get in there and control what stays and what goes. Of course, nothing is deleted without your approval and once the scan is complete you can scrutinise the results and decide what actions you would like to take. If you do want to delete something then you will be pleased to know that MacCleanse takes this part of the job seriously. It deletes items completely with secure erasure that makes sure anything unwanted is gone for good.

MacCleanse is one of the best clean-up programs you can get for the Mac and its low price may come as a shock because it does a much better, more comprehensive job than you would expect $20 to cover. But if you need a good clean-up app that does the job and puts you in control, MacCleanse 3 is the way to go.

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