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MacBooster vs MacKeeper: Leading Mac Utility Software

Mac’s are amazing machines, but just like any computer they will eventually slow down over time, get clogged up with useless files, and become prone to security risks.

If you’re looking to keep your system in tip top condition and have greater control over your files and apps, you should absolutely consider using some utility software. The two programs leading the pack right now are MacBooster 2 and MacKeeper 3.

MacKeeper vs MacBooster

Both scan your Mac and remove junk files, optimize memory usage, and protect the system from a range of threats. They come with a whole bundle of mac tools that will maintain performance and conserve disk space.

While it’s difficult to determine which is the overall best, as they both have pros and cons, let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Screenshot of MacBosster 2 system status screen

MacKeeper 3 find fix

File Cleaning

At the core of MacBooster and MacKeeper is the detection and removal of so called “junk files.” Both programs will pick these up in a simple system scan and display the results graphically.

These junk files include files left behind during the installation or removal of apps, unneeded language files, old cached files, user and system logs, cookies and internet files, and other unimportant junk.

Both programs will return similar results, and they both have tools that will allow you to fully uninstall apps from within the program so the same kind of junk files don’t reappear.

MacBooster uninstaller

They both also have a duplicate file finder, that will list identical copies of files so you can choose to delete the duplicates and save space. MacBooster has the edge in this respect as it also lists identical and even similar photos – ideal for the budding photographer who might want to choose between several shots.

MacKeeper 3 duplicate finder

However from a security standpoint MacKeeper has a very useful “Shredder” tool that ensures when a file is deleted it is gone for good and cannot be recovered from the hard drive if sold.


Both programs make use of performance and optimization tools, that give you more control over the system and improve memory usage. The most important of these allows you to choose which apps should be allowed to launch on start-up, which improves boot speed and give you more overall memory.

Screenshot of MacBosster 2 system status screen

While MacBooster has the added feature of repairing disk and file permissions, this does not always provide any significant performance boost. However it does stand out with its ability to clear cached data from apps, and perform a “RAM optimization” process to free memory needlessly being used in the background.

System Security

We give the security edge to MacKeeper, which not only protects you online and offline from viruses, malware and other threats, but also has an “Anti-Theft” feature that will track your stolen Mac and even take a photo of the thief!

MacKeeper 3 antitheft

Furthermore it has a very user friendly encryption tool that can hide files and folders behind encryption and a password.

MacKeeper 3 data encryptor

In terms of virus and threat protection they both do a good job and will keep you safe when browsing the web.


MacKeeper particularly stands out with its “Geek On Demand” service. This allows the user to chat 24/7 with an Apple certified professional, who can analyze your system summary, answer questions, and even remotely fix certain issues.

MacKeeper 3 find fix

It’s worth noting however that you will rarely need to use this as the software is self-explanatory and you’re rarely going to experience any problems.


Both programs are very easy to navigate, and are fast and efficient. Scanning is at the click of a button, and both list their tools and features in a panel on the left hand side. If you can use a computer you should be able to use this kind of software without a problem.


There is no clear winner between MacKeeper and MacBooster. Both are great pieces of software that do they job they claim to do.

Any advantage MacBooster has with its memory optimization tools, is perhaps evened out by MacKeeper’s wide range of security features and chat support.

Ultimately the final decision may come down to your personal needs. If you can’t decide, there’s no reason why you can’t check them both out!

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