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MacBooster 2 Review: Take Control of your Files and Performance

MacBooster which is in its second core release, is the Mac equivalent of IObit’s Advanced SystemCare for Windows.

By cleaning the system, keeping it secure, and utilizing certain tweaks, MacBooster aims to improve the speed and performance of your Mac.

The software uses a combination of tools to remove junk files and unwanted apps that are tough to delete, while protecting your data and system from viruses and malware.

macbooster 2

In order to benefit from the latest suit of tools you will need to be running OS X 10.6 or later.

User Interface

You do not need to be an expert on how the Mac’s file system is handled as MacBooster‘s user interface is self explanatory and easily laid out.

The tools are simply listed on a panel to the left, and their individual features are displayed in the main window. The purpose of each feature is clearly titled, and to scan your system you only need to click one big button at the bottom of the window.

All of the tools work quickly and efficiently, and the status bar will show the progress made so far when scanning.

Let’s take a closer look at each tab and its features.

System Status

The first option on the left hand panel is “System Status.” Here three speedometer style graphics will summarize your system’s security risks, junk file levels, and overall performance. You will have to perform a scan for your first summary, and from there you will be prompted to use the various tools to clean and tweak your system.

Screenshot of MacBosster 2 system status screen

System Cleanup

After a scan, the next logical step is to click the “System Cleanup” tab. This will display a simple one click feature that will remove trash files, unneeded junk files from apps and software, binaries, non-English language files, old system logs, and cached files.

Getting rid of all of this is usually acceptable for most users, but clicking the “details” button will show a more detailed breakdown where you can uncheck files you do not want to be cleaned.

MacBooster system cleanup

Performance Boost

The third option is called “Performance Boost” and allows you to tweak your system for a faster experience.

“Application Optimization,” clears cached data from the apps you’re running, while “RAM optimization,” frees up memory being used in the background.

The other feature in this window is “Disk permission fix,” which repairs the permissions of certain files that may have been altered by apps or other processes, so they are back to the way OS X would usually handle them.

Again for the majority of people these features will not have any undesired consequences and do somewhat improve performance.

MacBooster perfomance boost

Security Center

The Security Center is a nice addition to any other security software suit you might be using. It can detect whether you system has been configured in a dangerous way by any third party apps, remove suspicious or malicious cookies, remove malware and intrusive apps that won’t delete fully, and scan your system for common viruses.

While we wouldn’t rely solely on MacBooster for virus and malware detection, it will pick up the most blatant problems.

MacBooster security center

Secondary Tools

The secondary tools on the left hand panel also have some great features. “Startup Optimization” allows you to choose exactly the apps you wish to load on start-up, which can free up a lot of RAM if you have lots of software installed. For example you may wish to block the Adobe Reader Updater from launching until you consciously choose to open Reader. We found ourselves constantly shutting down launch apps manually before utilizing MacBooster.

MacBooster startup optimiza

Uninstaller” is a new method of managing your installed apps and is a bit more stringent than the native OS X feature, once again allowing you to remove software that tries to leave files behind.

MacBooster uninstaller

Large Files Cleaner” detects the largest files on your system for easy disk space cleaning. Perhaps you have a movie on there you forgot about, or a game that you haven’t played in ages? This will remind you and give you the option to delete them.

Duplicates Finder” will list files that you have more than one of, allowing you to easily remove them, while “Photo Sweeper” will do the same for photos that are exact copies and similar in nature.

For example perhaps you snapped several photos of a tree and never got round to choosing the one you like the best. MacBooster’s side by side display can make this process easier and fee up a bit of space as well.

Our Verdict

MacBooster is a brilliant choice if you want to have more control over your files and maintain your Mac’s factory performance. It’s very simple to use and all of the tools really do what they claim. While other software can accomplish similar results, MacBooster’s all in one package makes it one of the most convenient. For that we give it a 10/10.

Click here to learn more about MacBooster

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