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MacBook v/s iPad2…. Who’s gonna win?

MacBook v/s iPad2…. Who's gonna win?

MacBook is the most excellent of the golden PC times. iPad is the modern computing device. Both are comparable to each other and we want to find out which one is the best.

Let’s take these features into consideration:

Price – If you take the cheapest MacBook Air, it would still be costlier than the costliest iPad 3. (MacBook vs iPad – 0:1)

CPU power – iPad has Apple’s own A5 processor, and MacBook works on Intel. iPad is speedy and smooth, but it can’t run Photoshop CS5, MS Office, and Final Cut Pro etc.(MacBook vs iPad – 1:1)

Weight – We want portability. MacBook Air systems made from aluminum can be kept in a backpack. But iPad is even smaller and lighter.(MacBook vs iPad – 1:2)

Screen – iPad has the right size for screen, but the lowest MacBook has 1280X800 pixel display.(MacBook vs iPad – 2:2)

Battery life- MacBook delivers 7 hours on an average, and iPad promises 10 hours. (MacBook vs iPad – 2:3)

Speakers – iPad has a single speaker while MacBook has a complete stereo.(MacBook vs iPad – 3:3)

Keyboard – iPad has on screen keyboard. MacBook has a full fledged keyboard. But if you want a proper keyboard with iPad, you can use the Bluetooth one. And with the on screen keyboard, iPad can be easily used on airplanes too.(MacBook vs iPad – 3:4)

Ports – Both MacBook and iPad have wireless abilities and they can connect to anything. But apart from wireless, MacBook also has USB ports, mini Display port, and Audio ports- in and out. (MacBook vs iPad – 4:4)

Storage – iPad has 64GB storage, and MacBook supports much more than that. When it comes to memory- the more it is, the better.(MacBook vs iPad – 5:4)

Graphics –  iPad 2 is 9x faster than the previous on. But still, the MacBook supports large LCD display, and has a much better resolution.(MacBook vs iPad – 6:4)

Games- Mac has some really cool games that can run on PC.  And then, there are some really nice games available for iPad as well. So… this is a tie and both devices get their points.(MacBook vs iPad – 7:5)

RAM- This is certainly one up for Mac. iPad has 512MB, and MacBook has at least 2GB.(MacBook vs iPad – 8:5)

Looks like MacBook wins this war, or in fact not the war but the single battle. Do you have some other rating system? Let us know.

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